11 thoughts on “Fashion

  1. Tammy

    It’s the curse of the wide-legged trouser. Fortunately, they generally look awesome once the wearer is in motion and bystanders can detect the lissome silhouette beneath.

  2. lisab

    Naw, pictures don’t tell the truth. The instant you started moving in those jeans, you looked like a swan, I bet–a swan that swishes.

  3. Meg

    I join with the masses on wanting to know the source of the magical metallic flats. Please? Thank you.

  4. Maggeh Post author

    I got them at at little shop on the Haight. I genuinely can’t remember the name, but they’re all imported shoes (men’s and women’s) and they’re one of my favorite shoe places in the city. It’s smack in the middle of Upper Haight. Anyone know the place?

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