34 thoughts on “In My Free Time

  1. Amanda

    Yes indeed..this would cause a sore neck for sure. But the dancing and the dress sounds like fun!!

  2. Megan

    Oh my god! That may be the best thing I have ever seen! I am totally going to go steal some of my grandmother’s dresses from the 60’s (or maybe some of her current window treatments.. both have lots of fringe) so that I can feel like I am capable of dancing like that.

  3. canknitian

    Oh! I’ve had the same fantasies since seeing Ghost World but have never seen the whole song / routine up close. Thank you! Maybe I’ll go as her for Halloween next year…I’ll have to start neck-strengthening exercises now! :D

  4. Kyran @ Notes to Self

    Wouldn’t it be great if life would just turn to Bollywood now & then?

    I was also struck by the “regular size” gals. It’s kind of shocking to see a size fourteen on film or video that isn’t being screamed at by a panel.

  5. Kate C.

    It’s so cool to see women of usual size in a film dance sequence, but it’s also interesting that they are so pale. One of the most famous Indian actors of the 20th c., Amitabh Bachan, couldn’t get work at first because his skin was too dark:


    Which is a long way around to saying there’s always something.

  6. MontanaJen

    My favorite (in addition to the above comments – real sized girl, crazy head shaking) is that the choreography isn’t so polish polished. I mean, no steps are dropped and no couples are missed, but I could totally see some folks jammin’ out like that in a club. Real folks, getting down real hard. Love it.


  7. fully operational battle station

    Wow. I’m speechless. I was MESMERIZED the entire time! I just couldn’t even BELIEVE!

    I especially liked the part towards the end where she slowly is lowered into the singer’s arms and we think it’s over but then BOOM it’s back to the close up agonizing head spasm again.

    I sincerely thank you for sharing this with me.


  8. ~moe~

    I thought I was the only one who fantasized about learning movie dances. Mine is the Adam and Eve number from White Christmas.

  9. kate

    I’m going to sing it so if you want a live singer instead of a tape, you know where to find me… toopatoopa tickatickee dina ka ha nee. dina ah san hoo!

  10. Auntie Yolanda

    I can’t believe I wasted 5:33 minutes watching this. I do have a gold lamé outfit I wore in the 70’s you can have.

  11. Sara

    The whole thing (I think) is on the Ghost World DVD. This clip is the only reason I bought that DVD to own!

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