Steal This Idea: Customized Goal Charts

4th November 2007

I want customized goal charts that someone else designs and prints for me.

I want to go to a site where I fill in the title for my chart, then choose a chart template:


Choose how I want to measure my progress:

-bar chart
-pie chart
-check boxes

Choose from a selection of letter-press like images as decoration, and then choose the format I want:

-Email me a PDF so I can print it
-Print this and mail it to me so I can hang it on the wall
-Make this an interactive web page I can use to chart my progress

I would choose to have them printed about the size of a collectible rock-show poster, and then I’d hang them on the wall behind my desk. You could fill in the charts with a pen, or use pretty stickers to check off your boxes. In my dream, the design would look something like the posters from Lizard Press or Really Good Things, Etc.

How about it, programmers/designers? If you can just get it to the point where you can email me the PDF, I’d pay about $20 a PDF and take it to a print shop myself.

Now, in the meantime, you Etsy letterpress folks or those with sik screening capacity should consider making up a set of small posters that allow people to write in their very important goal lists. Offer about ten variations that all look good together, so you could hang a grouping of goals and it wouldn’t look dumb.

Do this! Do this, my friends! It is a good idea.

16 thoughts on “Steal This Idea: Customized Goal Charts

  1. Weeze

    You know why I wanna be you when I grow up? Because you can command the internet to make you things.

  2. Sarcomical

    well, that sounds great, except for when i end up with 4 posters where the numbers on the chart are the same. :( or worse, get smaller.

    okay, but honestly. that does sound like a good visual poke in the ribs that might make getting things done a lot more fun.

  3. Meg

    Indeed, I want to hear about the goal setting. I mean, I set goals, but none I could chart pie graph style. Perhaps you could do a post on goal setting a la your post on menu planning? That would be fantastic.

  4. a.

    No response on the Etsy forums… you wouldn’t have thought that, right? But you can get your personal period chart, pocket size, if it helps you for now? :/
    On another thought, though, I would think that a lot of shops would love custom-orders. You just have to ask them (unless Maggie doesn’t “ask” people).

  5. Kate

    Yes, do this Maggie friends! Teachers, fundraisers and organizers from all around would absolutely love it.

    Automate it too, yes? (Custom’s such a PITA.) Build your own, enter your credit card, get interactivity and your very own report immediately. Genius.

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