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1st November 2007

So I ordered this sample pack of hippie diapers a million years ago, and then left it in our trunk. Having recently re-located it, I decided to try them out.

Early on we tried cloth diapers and found them to be ass. For us. I realize that they work for you, and that is because you are awesome. You can handle the cloth diapers, and you are a super-goodie. However, we hated them and had to stop using them. (I do not need tips! No tips, please, you helpful parent, you.) Sooo…

So we’ve been using crazy-evil disposables that take three million years to decompose, and I have the guilt. G Diapers are flushable diapers that seem easy to use. I started using them yesterday, and I kind of love them so far. Of course, I don’t flush the liners, just throw them away. But still, they biodegrade a zillion times faster than disposables, and they use less stuff you throw away overall, so I’m feeling angelic. Also, the covers are soft, so Hank doesn’t try to claw them off.

So, here begins my great green experiment. I’ll tell you if they begin to suck, but so far they do not suck! And we are virtuous, earth-loving people who are busy looking for trees to hug right this minute.

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  1. Audrey

    We’ve been using the gDiapers for about seven months now – since our little girl was born – and we LOVE them. I’ve got a ton of $2.00 off coupons; let me know if I can mail any to you. (And, like you, we toss not flush the liners, but it still makes us feel better about what is going in the landfill and, more importantly, what is up against our baby’s skin!)

  2. Lisa May

    I’m so glad you’re talking about and using these, mostly because we’re very interested in using them when our little one arrives next spring. I’m very curious to hear how it goes, so please do keep us (your adoring public that is) posted. Thanks!

  3. Sarah

    gDiapers rock! We’ve been using them for months and love them! Details we’ve learned: Don’t flush the liner if you live in an old house (or be prepaired for a nice plumbing bill!) and they weren’t the greatest overnight when our wee one was still feeding throughout the night (though there are new outside covers now and we haven’t tried those yet). Still, they are super easy to use!

  4. greta

    i’m one of those crazy cloth diaper users — we found prefolds to be ass also, but are loving our bumGenius! one size diapers — but I will not lecture or advise, I promise. I really just wanted to add that I would love to hear more about your experience with the gDiapers… We usually use disposables for travel, but have considered these as an alternative. Do you think they’d be good travel diapers? How much of a pain would they be in airports etc?

  5. Kristie

    I’m a crazy cloth diaper momma and we love them.

    I also used to be one of those “Now way in HELL am I messing with cloth diapers”.

    But then I calculated the expense and holy hell, disposable diapers are expensive over time.

    So, you see, I’m just cheap and that’s why we use cloth.

  6. Nancy

    I met Jason the Co-founder just last week and immediately thought of you and Bryan. Glad you found them and hope that the love grows. We like it when Portland companies succeed!

  7. Nava

    I couldn’t do cloth either if we didn’t have a diaper service; seriously, if I had to wash them myself I would have gone with disposables too.

  8. kris

    We use g-Diapers along with cloth and we do flush and compost the liners. We live in a new townhouse so the plumbing is not a problem. When our wee one was first born, we had a problem with them leaking often. Now that he’s bigger, the only time the diapers leak is when we use them overnight. We love them and hope you love them, too!

  9. angela

    we found a service that recycles up to 98% of disposable diapers. for the low, low price of $26 a month we do away with the landfill guilt of using disposables. might be worth a cost comparision to the g diapers.

  10. Bertha

    Oh man, can I just say how semi-relieved I feel right now, that one of the cool bloggers doesn’t use cloth diapers? June and Hank are about the same age and I tried cloth diapers when she was born (prefolds through a diaper service) and I too hated them and switched to disposables, and felt like an outcast in the interweb mom community. I feel semi-half-awesome that someone famous has admitted they didn’t like them either. Because I totally rely on the opinions of strangers to validate me. That being said, I am really intrigued by the idea of these G Diapers and will definitely give them a try!

  11. Tammy

    Thanks for posting this. I also have the disposable diaper guilt. I’ll look forward to reading your updates. If these diapers work as well as the company’s website makes them out to, I’ll try them with baby #2.

  12. Yolanda

    I use disposable diapers and feel no guilt.

    “After a three-year, 200,000-pound (about $360,000) study, the London-based Environmental Agency concluded that disposable diapers have the same environmental impact as reusable diapers when the effect of laundering cloth diapers is taken into account.”

    I bought some Bum Genius before my daughter was born. I had a lot to deal with after her birth, and rinsing poop just wasn’t going to fit on that list. If any of your readers are interested, they are welcome to contact me. I’m happy to pass them on to someone who can make good use of them.

  13. superblondgirl

    They sound so awesome, and plus so much cuter than disposables – I wish they’d had them when I was changing diapers 3+ years ago (god, that is weird to think. How did my kid get so OLD??)

  14. Liz

    I would LOVE to use the gDiapers, but alas, my babe is in day care and they said N-O. We buy the 7th Generation disposables through Amazon, which work out to about the same price as the premium other disposables, and feel somewhat assuaged.

  15. Strizz

    Cloth diapers suck stinky baby on solid food ass. My mom tried to get me to use those back in the day and I actually tried, after I got over the fear of stabbing my wiggly newborn with a bugs bunny pin. Like I want to wash a load full of that after it has been in a bucket for a few days.

  16. Yolanda

    Okay I was feeling a bot obnoxious from my last comment. It looks like they have improved the gDiapers a lot since I was pregnant and first looked at them. And I’m such a sucker for chocolate brown, I am tempted to order a starter kit. As for price, they are about $.40 a piece versus my Pampers Swaddlers that work out to be $.19 a piece. As much as I love the way these biodegrade, I am not sure my budget can support paying twice as much for diapering. But I like the concept, especially if they work well over night (or with the dreaded explosion poop).

  17. Michele

    I read something about g diapers last week and made a note to check them out. I’m glad you are loving them … maybe I’ll give them a try.

  18. Sarah

    I, too, hated cloth and feel terrible about disposables, so we’re just trying G diapers now with our 5 week old. So far, I’m a little unimpressed with how they fit around the bottom of his leg (much leaking involved), so I have resisted buying more small size pants. At $17 apiece, I feel like they’re an investment I better feel good about before I make it.

    I’m really interested to see how you all do.

  19. Amanda

    These actually look really cute. I too went through trying to cloth diaper..and I admit that I HATED them also. I was really gung ho, because a friend of mine was totally into it..but now I know, that it’s just not for everyone. These look really cool though, I still have one in diapers for at least another year and a half so I will be following this to see how it goes with the G diapers!

  20. Jessica

    Sylas is almost 8 months, and I feel guilty every week when I throw out a bag of dirty disposables. But, like Yolanda, I don’t think we can manage 2x the price. Until “going green” is more budget friendly, I can’t do it no matter how much I believe in it. I will be checking into the 7th
    Generation disposables, though, thanks to Liz. This is my first time to comment, btw; I’ve been a long-time lurker. I really enjoy your sites.

  21. Qtpies7~

    Well, I am just a super mommy, and I will take the belt, thanks, lol. But I thought I would mention that it is NOT legal to throw the feces in the trash, even if you use disposable. It says it right on the package of disposable diapers that human waste is not to be dumped in the trash. You are supposed to flush the poop out of disposable dipes! LOL
    So, you are being a little eco friendly, but breaking the law, hehe.
    Oh, and I only cloth because I am a tight wad, I don’t care one iota about poop in the trash dump. Because even these new disposables that biodegrade quicker can’t do it because you have to be exposed to air to degrade, and there is nothing that will bring that about in our trash dumps, nothing biodegrades there, so whats the point?
    Oh, and I am a super mommy because I have 7 kids, not because I use cloth. Give birth to more than one kid, and you get the belt.

  22. Jane

    I too bought gdiapers before our son was born and had them sitting around while we went through mountains of disposables (given as gifts). Your post reminded me though and I tried them out today–so far, they’re great! no leakage-he’s about 9 lbs now. We always check the lining to make sure it’s against his leg (and no leaks so far), and we’ve been flushing (cross fingers). Thanks for reminding me about them!

  23. keelsonwheels

    I have to second “Qtpies7” – unfortunately, putting biodegradable diapers in a landfill doesn’t mean they decompose any faster than a non-biodegradable. 50 year old newspapers (which will decompose on the ground in weeks) have been pulled out of landfills and are still completely read-able, because landfills are built with layers and layers of air- and water-tight materials so that toxins don’t leak into the surrounding land and water. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there are misconceptions about being “green”. Just because its marketed as “green” doesn’t mean it really is in practice.

  24. divinemissk

    i bought the medium starter kit on sale at whole foods. i have to wait till orion grows into them, but am anxious to try them out. i would love to hear your opinion as you continue to use them!

  25. Melanie

    I always thought that disclaimer on disposable diapers was funny (“flush solid waste”), because do you know anyone who follows that instruction?!?!? At least with cloth diapers you have do. We used cloth diapers with both–had a service for 1st child, but 2nd was born overseas and I did the whole washing/drying thing myself. Definitely not for everyone, but it worked for us & I didn’t find it onerous or disgusting, and they’ve got a lot more designs for cloth diapers & covers now than the old-style fold ’em yourself & pin ’em on type. I did find that the early first-few-weeks newborn stage was better served by disposables though–less leakage problems.

  26. jda2

    No hassling here, either, but I love my cloth diapers. I wanted to add a big BIG second for Bum Genius cloth diapers – no pins to hassle with, one size fits for a long time as they grow, and no blowouts(!) – I luuuuuurve them! (for those of you looking for recommendations on cloth)

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