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G Diapers

1st November 2007

So I ordered this sample pack of hippie diapers a million years ago, and then left it in our trunk. Having recently re-located it, I decided to try them out.

Early on we tried cloth diapers and found them to be ass. For us. I realize that they work for you, and that is because you are awesome. You can handle the cloth diapers, and you are a super-goodie. However, we hated them and had to stop using them. (I do not need tips! No tips, please, you helpful parent, you.) Sooo…

So we’ve been using crazy-evil disposables that take three million years to decompose, and I have the guilt. G Diapers are flushable diapers that seem easy to use. I started using them yesterday, and I kind of love them so far. Of course, I don’t flush the liners, just throw them away. But still, they biodegrade a zillion times faster than disposables, and they use less stuff you throw away overall, so I’m feeling angelic. Also, the covers are soft, so Hank doesn’t try to claw them off.

So, here begins my great green experiment. I’ll tell you if they begin to suck, but so far they do not suck! And we are virtuous, earth-loving people who are busy looking for trees to hug right this minute.