9 thoughts on “All Right

  1. Jennifer

    It occurs to me that when the day comes this month – and it will, as inevitably as the moon will rise – that I can think of nothing to blog, I will be promoting the NaPoBloHell out of your book by using the ideas to fill the echo-ing voids. So there’s that!

  2. MeL

    I finally decided to do it. Why not? At least it will give me something to discuss in therapy, right?

    Also? I just put all the books up in my newly constructed built-in bookcase (with my own pearly white hands!) and rediscovered your book and said, aloud, to myself “Thank You Maggie!”. I like to think that, somewhere? Over there in the general direction of San Francisco? You heard a little bell ring.

  3. Em

    I got way more excited by this post than was really necessary…but I just feel like I’m in such good company now! I must know – do your book sales skyrocket during NaBloPoMo months?

  4. Salome

    I am doing this thing! I bought your book in anticipation of it.
    Great cues in your book to get the writing flowing. I gave you credit on my site, of course, and linked to your webpage. Now my 5 readers will inundate your server. :) Thanks for publishing a book like that. Helpful!

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