21 thoughts on “Flea Market Finds

  1. Dani

    Ok. Now there are no excuses. I am off to my local flea market (or just market as we call them here in Sydney) to add to my collection. Inspired now.

  2. Meegan

    I am LUSTING over that blue feather wig. Love. It The photo of the pin-up girl’s shapely derriere is nice too. Would look great in my boudoir. Wish I could follow you around one of those flea markets. I always seem to get lost in the sea of crap.

  3. Elise

    HA! Love the blue wig as well. You look like you should be modeling jello molds in Sears, circa 1959. :D

  4. mai

    i *heart* both your feather hat and swim cap. i’ve been swimming like mad lately, so i’m particularly partial to that one.

  5. andrea_frets

    I’m so jealous! The feather hat is ten ways of awesome! We don’t have that type of flea market around here. I’m afraid I would only find Elvis paintings, ammunition, and tons of Amish goods (which could be cool).

  6. Rebecca

    Is “Alameda Antiques Fair” a new snazzy name for the old Alameda flea market? ‘Cause my dad dragged us to that thing every damn weekend. I never once got a Sunday morning to myself and the Shirley Temple movies on Channel 2.

  7. superblondgirl

    Why does my local flea market suck? Because I’m jealous and want me some cool new (old) stuff. The flea market here is dusty and filthy and smells of dirty old men and cat piss, and only sells hideous overpriced ceramics and bad homemade candles. It’s actually quite a depressing way to spend a Sunday.

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