Enduring Interests

8th October 2007

I’ve been keeping a word document with blog ideas since I started Mighty Girl in 2000. It’s strange to look at notes I’ve written for myself with ideas I don’t remember. (For example, “wig story” and “healthy penis 2002.”) Anyway, here are three bits of interest. It’s possible I’ve already posted the last one and forgotten to purge it from the doc. Do you remember?

1. Nomura’s jellyfish grow to almost seven feet in diameter and weigh over four hundred pounds. Every once in a while, the population spikes, and fishermen trap hundreds of them in a single fishing net. This slimes and poisons the fish caught with them and ruins the nets, as the gargantuan jellyfish have to be cut out.

2. Small children in Japan make dorodangos, or shiny balls made of dried mud. They kneel in the dirt for hours packing the mud and polishing it until it shines like a marble.

3. There’s a butterfly resting on the car windowsill, Bryan brushes it with his key and it takes flight. He opens the door for me, and as I slide in, a penny falls from my wallet. It lands head side up.

15 thoughts on “Enduring Interests

  1. Katie

    #1 is really disturbing, and probably because I seem to have a huge fear of them. I can’t believe they can get that big!

  2. Lisa

    After five minutes of indecision, I clicked on the link to the jellyfish. I’m going to have nightmares about this. They’re drifting from China. I live near China. Not so happy with the odds.

  3. superblondgirl

    God, aren’t jellyfish amazing? I can watch them for hours. Though I guess I’d hate them if I were a Japanese fisherman.
    The mud balls blow me away – how gorgeous, and it’s just dirt.

  4. Aunt Raina

    Don’t remember that last one but if it ever happens again let me know immediately. I need
    you to pick my lottery numbers.

  5. Julia

    your husband opens your car door for you? that’s the part of the post that stuck out the most to me. you really are LUCKY.

  6. bitsy parker

    Excellent! You found my notepad. I have no idea why I wrote “Pigs Hips…can’t use a fork.” Today was the day I threw those pages away.

    love ur blog!!

  7. Candice

    I have a reminder for “healthy penis 2002!” The penis was my roommate at the time. He was hired by the “healthy penis” campaign to parade around big, gay events dressed as a big, healthy penis. Imagine a 7-foot plush penis handing out pamphlets at the Folsom Street Fair. Next, ask someone to knock you over the head to make the image GO AWAY.

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