33 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Rally

  1. I, Rodius

    Is it just me, or does she look a lot like Big Tex from the State Fair of Texas in that first photo? All she needs is a red, white, and blue shirt. Come to think of it, one o’ them’s a necessity for the campaign trail anyhow…

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  3. Raivyn

    Wow, Hillary looks tall there! Lol. And that 5-string bass guitar that guy’s holding is mighty fine, though I’ve noticed he’s got a few too many fingerprints on it, should have shined it up a bit for the photo. Great shots! Looks like it was a nice event.

  4. DesireeK

    I, Rodius, that’s the first thing I thought when I saw this photo. I’ve been in Dallas too long…

  5. Rhys

    Bryan looks like a total badass with that wire in his ear. I was almost scared, then I remembered, big phallus.

  6. MontanaJen

    Jealoussssssyy…is me.

    I adore Glide choir – every time I am fortunate enough to be in San Fran on a Sunday morning I worship at Glide. Amazing stuff.

    Looks like a great event – good job!

  7. Jamie

    That first picture had me imagining her singing “Wind Beneath my Wings” to a crowd full of people… unintentional on your part, but still hilarious!

  8. Jan

    As usual, your photos are great. My favorite, though, has to be the second one, the little girl with long dark hair and the blue nail polish with her arms folded, watching. The look on her face is fantastic – I can hear her thinking, “If she can do it, then maybe I can do it someday too.” Neat shot.

  9. Maggeh Post author

    Site lead is the event coordinator for a large political event. Before a candidate gets in town, the advance staff comes to make sure everything is set up. There’s a person to turn out the crowd, a person to work with the press, someone to make sure everything at the hotel is ready to go, a secret service person who notes security concerns, and so on. Site lead is the person who coordinates all those people for a particular event or “site.”

  10. lisab

    Pretty inspiring photoset. Love the donkey shirt and the photos of the girls. Did you hear what Katha Pollitt said in the NYTimes Mag interview–“If people don’t stop saying such sexist things about her (HRC), I might just have to vote for her.” I’m kinda feeling that way too.

  11. aimee/greeblemonkey

    Damn, you were right there! And it is interesting, as an example, some of the reactions in your comments are why I am hesitant to have her for a candidate… But in general I think she is awesome. Great photos and thanks for sharing.

  12. Ade

    I was wondering where did the girl with “Hillary” red signature t-shirt got hers from? I couldn’t find it on Hillary’s online store. Then again, there are many unofficial ones out there.

  13. avra

    That’s me in the photo and yes, that shirt, is an unofficial “Hillary” t-shirt that I got from a fundraiser I was working earlier in the day…sorry!
    but the official “Club 44” t-shirts are very similar and i am sure can be found on the website…

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