7.5 Months Later

28th September 2007

Say. You there. Do you hear that? The sound of revelry in the distance? True, it is faint, but ever growing. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of people carousing in the streets. They are banging on trashcans, blowing their car horns, startling women with exuberant and unexpected kisses on the mouth. It’s because they know about today. Today is the day when…

I zipped up my pre-pregnancy jeans.

Though I have been exercising, though I have been eating as though I am a candidate for sainthood, I tried these jeans knowing I would not be able to pull them past my kneecaps. But up they crept. Surely, I thought, these jeans cannot cover my bum. But there they are! Clearly I will never be able to button and zip them again in this lifetime. And then? Snap! Zooop!

I. Am. Wearingmyprepregnancyjeans!

Of course, it’s not possible for me to breathe in them, but that didn’t stop me from tearing into the living room to do an elaborate burlesque for Bryan.

“How do you like that, baby? Uh! You remember these jeans? Oh yeah you do. These jeans have missed you, baby. Can you hear this zipper screaming for mercy? That’s niiiiiiiice. You like this muffin top? It’s all yours. Uh! Awwwwwwww yeaaaaaaah.”

And though I am currently standing as I type this because it is impossible to sit down without inviting a medical emergency, I think we can safely say that I look hot.

37 thoughts on “7.5 Months Later

  1. Em

    When your jeans are so tight that you have to lie down to take them off? THAT is when you know you are hottt. With three t’s!

  2. amanda

    Mmm-hmm, I remember this. Then I tried on my North Face clam diggers and was horrified by how the same weight can look so wide…like a rock face waiting to be climbed.

  3. smallstatic

    As a fellow attempter of achieving pre_______ hotttness these days (in my case, pre law school), I felt your pain, and now share your joy. Kick a*s, Mighty.

  4. bob

    I’ll just bet you rock the muffin top!

    when a guy works his way back into smaller jeans, sitting down in them is a TOTALLY bad idea. ’cause there’s not any room for shifting. and the words emitted aren’t the only things that are blue.

    go on, just ask me how I know.

  5. Rachel Boller

    WOOHOO, MAGGIE!! You have done a great job with getting to the gym and menu planning – congratulations. By the way, thank you so much for your ideas on freezing soups. I began doing this (because soup is so satufying and comforting to me as a meal) and avoided a lot of restaurant and take-out meals as a result. Result: lost weight. When I used to make soup, it never dawned on me to freeze portions so I wouldn’t try to eat the same soup 12 meals in a row. Dur.

  6. Jennifer

    That’s the best blog entry ever in the world. I had to read it aloud just as you wrote it (only with an English accent). It’s even better if you do that. This entry rocks! x

  7. jessica

    I remember the day my own pre-prangnacy pants fit. Angels sang, trumpets trumpeted, and I felt AWESOME! Congrats! Now, if only there were exercises that would allow a gal to get back into all those pretty pre-pregnancy BRAS! That, sadly, is a battle I think I have given up.

  8. Meegan

    Nice! It’s a huge accomplishment and it feels great. Happened for me around the same time, give or take 3 months. Fine! It was 10.5 months post-partum. Although for me, my muffin top overfloweth. But whatevs. I’m in ’em!


    I had this same experience once and they were so freakin’ tight they got stuck!!! No kidding. After my happy parade through the house my husband had to get the pliers to pull the zipper down for me. Seriously embarrassed.

    Good for you!

  10. Gina

    I haven’t had babies just yet, but I sure hope for the day when I fit into my “skinny clothes” again. (Not that I am huge…).


  11. Lisa

    Isn’t it hard to believe how quickly the babies are growing and aging?! My sweet little Tristan turned 7 months old a few days ago and it seems only yesterday I was helping my daughter bring him out here. :) Your little guy is sure growing in a hurry too and maybe next week you’ll be able to sit down in those jeans( if you don’t bust the zipper or a seam first). :)

  12. Jen

    Yay! I can only dream of that day…. *sigh* I’ve been trying, but it is so slllooow. I never believed people when they said baby weight is hard to lose, but now, I know it is 100% true. Congrats on the zipping :) And aren’t muffin-tops in this fall? I sure hope so….!

  13. amy

    Congrats. After baby #1, I never fit back in those pp jeans, at least I had to switch styles but not sizes–that’s what happens when a 10 lb baby shifts your hips. But don’t worry–after baby #2 it only took me 2 weeks to fit back into my “pre-pregnancy 4 years after my first baby” jeans– I know, I know you all hate me now–my little guy is now 6 months and like a weeble!

  14. Que

    Mmmmmmm Muffins….

    Yeah, never going to be pre-pregancy weight again. Nope. But I do a big jiggly happy dance for you!

  15. Julie

    I am currently at “they cover my butt if I do that little hop at the end to yank them up but they do not, I repeat do not, zip or even remember what zipping is like.”

  16. Tonya

    You just made my day. Reading this inspired me to take out my pre-pregnancy jeans (which I stashed away, fearing trying them on too soon) and give it a shot. What do you know.. they fit like a dream. I’ve been dancing my skinny butt around the house all day.
    Congratulations to you!

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