32 thoughts on “The Mustache, a Study

  1. MarkDM

    I’m at work, so before I clicked on the third one, I made sure nobody was standing behind me.

    And the mustache kinda goes with your glasses, Maggie. Very fashionable.

  2. Nancy

    Why does Hank look like the most intelligent and sane one in the picture?

    Yeah, that’s a holiday card if I ever saw one….

  3. Katie

    My Henry has that same mustache, er, I mean, onesie. It’s very soft and comfy, but I’ve decided that navy and grey are not his colors.

  4. Jenn

    For some reason, I couldn’t get the set to load when I was at work today, so I snuck a peek on your flickr. And the I promptly laughed my head off. Excellent.

  5. Kate C.

    Those mustaches, they are ooh-la-la. That Mr. Sophisticate is ooh-la-la-er!

    The captions remind me of Edward Gorey stories.

  6. Shelley D.

    Ah, my apologies – I didn’t look closely enough – apparently it’s some silly chateau in the Loire valley. Typical.

  7. Megs

    We gave away fake mustaches as our wedding favors…hence, all our wedding pictures look exactly like this, including all the furniture/artwork in the house we rented to get married in. So much fun! I loved these…

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