20 thoughts on “Worse

  1. Sophia

    I have to admit that there is a magician comedian whom I’ve seen at multiple Renaissance faires because it’s really entertaining. But he calls himself Tobias the Adequate, so at least he doesn’t take himself terribly seriously?

  2. jjames

    … ex-convict anti-drug motivational speaker …

    perhaps the magic is pulling all this off as a non-speaking mime. how do you mime “what’s the deal with airline food?”

  3. Liz

    I can only assume that you are in Austin and have just seen ‘Esther’s Follies’…if not…that’s where they BREED magician comedians!

  4. sarah

    “Special needs” Trekkie magician comedian ex-convict anti-drug motivational speaker renaissance mime for Christ speaking Elvish at a bar mitzvah because a decent performer wasn’t in the budget.

    Stuff those envelopes, kids!

  5. Meg

    Is it bad that I know a magician comedian renaissance mime who’s really funny? It’s all down to talent in the end I think. Anything can be good if you are good at it.

  6. Megan

    I think I would like to hire a Magician comedian renaissance mime for Christ to perform at my next party. I wonder if there is a particular finger food I could serve that would compliment that kind of performance.

  7. bookratt

    Isn’t there a Christian university degree you can get now, in something they call mimeistry (versus ministry) that tells the story of Christ thru the ages?

    My neighbor was talking about seeing a troupe with these credentials at her home church recently.

    I was invited to see it with her, but I was dead at the time.*

    *Thanks for the super handy excuse, Eddie Izzard.

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