21 thoughts on “Breath, Wasted

  1. Mimi

    Translation: “I want you to react to how I’m feeling, but I know you (still) won’t… ” Don’t you wish we could all just express what we really want/need to say? Ugh – the price we pay for the things we don’t or can’t say…

  2. Hillary

    I am the kind of person who would have said something to her. Something like—- “Apparently they just aren’t that into you, and they aren’t worth your time. Don’t waste yourself waiting on them”. The worst part about it is that when I read this I imagine that it is a “girlfriend” (or so called friend) and not a boy. I imagine that it is a person that this pretty girl thinks is ‘so cool’ and really they are just a meany. Give up pretty girl. There are lots of people out there worth your time.

  3. Kate

    I knew my cousin was finishing her internship today and moving out of our apartment this weekend but how in heck did she get to San Fran so quickly?

  4. ella

    I am very sad by this. I left a comment up at the top saying this sounds like me. well, i went crazy on that guy (not calling back) turns out his phone was broken (yeah right)I have learned

  5. MissSally

    Was she wearing leggings and Uggs and talking on a Pink Razr? Because that’s how I’m picturing it.

  6. Barbara

    Awww. Poor thing. Like the show “What Not to Wear.” Sometimes you don’t realize how bad your choices have been, until you watch/listen to yourself on videotape in front of your friends and family. Had she been able to see herself…listen objectively, she (we all have been there, sister!) could see how pathetic it seems. New show idea: “What Not To Do”

  7. Brooke

    I’m kinda feeling her pain, though. A couple of nights this week have been spent trying to avoid doing some drunk dialing, ending up with words like hers spilling out of my mouth.

  8. Dana

    Oh the feeling of wanting to talk to someone when they won’t allow it. Awful.

    Hi, :) I randomly found your blog, looks like we share some similar interests! Please check mine out!

  9. Amy

    This is a reflection of my life with a teen. There is SO much in that statement and I have to agree with Aimee as posted above. The “whatever” discounts any sort of caring. I find that teens typically use that so as not to seem to bothered by what preceded the word…beautiful people have insecurities too.

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