In D.C.

13th August 2007

We’re in D.C. for Adaptive Path’s User Experience Week, and we’ve decided to roll with the baby’s jetlag, as midnight to 8 a.m. is a far more awesome schedule than his usual 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. It’s a much bigger conference this year, and AP encouraged a few of the speakers to bring their babies along (which partially explains the much higher proportion of female speakers than you typically see at other conferences). The presentations have been surprisingly moving so far — a lot of speakers who are really using design to change people’s lives in meaningful ways. More later.

17 thoughts on “In D.C.

  1. Erin

    Sadly, I couldn’t attend AP, though I really wanted to. Hope you get some time to poke around DC some while you’re here.

  2. Nancy

    It was so nice to see you in Capitol Hill yesterday with your family. I was the celebrity-shocked girl at CVS with the big smile. Welcome to DC!

  3. MeL

    Oooo. Maggeh in DC. Can I come be your groupie? As I sit here in my oversize “AOL Mom” T-shirt and wet (from bathing the children) sweat pants, I’m thinking maybe some of your fabulousness would rub off on me.

    No? *sigh* Well, enjoy the conference, and if y’all are feeling brave, don’t miss the chance to eat at Meskerem in Adams Morgan. It’s Ethiopian. Order anything smothered in Berbere sauce, and ask to be seated upstairs, in the comfy low-back chairs. Also? Don’t skip the honey wine. It’s like liquid sunshine.

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  5. Liz in DC

    Saw you and Bryan and Henry in the Building Museum, which is one of my favorite places in DC. Wanted to say hi but didn’t want to seem stalkerish. Hope you are enjoying your visit.

  6. Patricia

    I just wanted to let you know that I highly enjoy your blog and you and a few other blog authors have been an inspiration for me to start my own. I recently began mine in July and its slowly growing here and there and It keeps me busy and makes me smile. When im not blogging in mine im reading others (yours one of them and superhero designs) So thats about it, I wanted to say hello and thank you for great reads!!

    thats my blog feel free to check it out and im always open for advice and what nots:)

    thank you!!


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