38 thoughts on “Five Months Old

  1. amy

    You calmed my nerves today–being another nervous mother of a 4 month old, I was happy to see your munchkin is just rolling now. My dd rolled at 3 months and we were starting to think our son was either slow or maybe a little lazy. :)

  2. Melanie

    Oh, I think we had those same rainbow pants! Well, maybe not the same since it was 5 years ago, but we had some rainbow pants and a rainbow onesie to go with them. I loved them. This is leading up to the obligatory Oh my HOLY, 5 months already, time flies!! comment. Also, he is mighty, mighty cute.

  3. Melissa

    What a charmer! Look at those cheeky eyes and totally photogenic, to boot… I bet you have to fight the chicks off with a stick already!

  4. Jennifer

    Now, like everyone else I have to agree about the dimples. BUT, holy hannah, I think those big, sparkly eyes are amazing!

  5. Lori

    They’re all great, but my favorite is the third from last on page 2. Such a great portrait… such beautiful blue eyes.

  6. julie

    Awesome photos, what a beautiful baby! I feel so cool because my 5-month-old and Mr. Hank Mason have the same onsie (the surfing one) and the same play gym. That’s probably as close as I’ll come to being as cool as Maggie, but I’ll take it!

  7. Leeanthro

    We have that same surfer scooter onesie thing! Bought one for our son and also one as a gift for our friend’s daughter.

    Are those the trendy leg warmer things? What’s their purpose? I think my husband would cringe. Maybe on our daughter. Hmm, I might be relly fashion forward if I got those for my daughter and she wore them around C-U!

  8. Nina

    Pictures like these are why I ask myself, “Do I want to start over?”

    For me, when the lot starts to get their own snacks and dress themselves, it really is time to stop.

  9. Jenn

    Now I’m wondering how you possibly get any work done. I’d be staring and cooing at that little guy all day. Look at that face. It kills.

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