32 thoughts on “Two Little Things

  1. Kizz

    Oh yes, I do very much miss the old GG writers. Never have so many cultural references been contained in 46 minutes and left me laughing so hard.

    “You lost me at carrots, which was the first draft of ‘you had me at hello’.”

  2. Joey

    Oh, Gilmore Girls, how I miss you. I spent a good hour falling asleep to old episodes just last night.

    (Stumbled on here a bit ago. Lovely site.)

  3. Liz Harvatine

    Thank you for linking to that list. As a bone fide small blogger those tips really do help! This one is my favorite: “Take this feeling that you have about being discouraged or not “not mattering” and take it as a cue that you need to reach out to others who are feeling the same.” I think that I have been aware of that necessity but never thought about it on that level. Thanks again!

    PS Your baby is cute.

  4. Betsy

    I can only hope that the boneheads who fired the Palladinos are kicking themselves in the butt over such a stupid move. The whole show just lost its way after they left.

  5. vdot

    Agreed. Missing Gilmore Girls in general is one thing, but had it not been for the new writers, I’m sure we’d have squeezed another season out of them.

  6. Candice

    I stopped watching Gilmore Girls after ASP left because it was just so awful.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go watch seasons 1-5 on DVD and cry myself to sleep.

  7. timmi

    Wow, first time on your site and you have a GG reference. I think I heart you very, very much already.
    I so miss that show. It was brilliant and I could watch it with my teenage daughter and we both *got* it. That, like, never happens.
    Great site!

  8. Nancy

    Is THAT what happened to our Girls? I didn’t know about the Palladino saga. Big mistake. Big, big mistake. That explains everything about the shortcomings of the last season.

  9. Jen

    *sigh* I watch reruns on ABC Family every evening at 5 while I give my baby (her name is Maggie, btw!) her dinner-bottle. I swear she watches it with me; even at 4 months, she totally gets the pop-culture reference and quick-witted humor. The Palladinos were geniuses. Unlike the morons that let them go.

    I don’t understand how they can cancel a great show like GG, but keep crappy reality shows on the air. Who watches this stuff?

  10. Sarah

    I heard they left to write a new show. I was an avid viewer of G.G. and stopped watching when the new/leftover writer repeated a plot point for the second time. (It was not the last either.)

    Anyway, I love this website so much! Thank you for writing!

  11. Melanie

    I needed small blogger blues remedies today – I got your book and between the two I am feeling all “I am blogger, hear me roar!”.

  12. Meegan

    Love, love, love the Gilmore Girls. There were so many moments of perfection in that show. I’m really going to miss that snappy writing this fall. SAD is me.

  13. Andrea

    Someone else linked the small blogger link recently and as a small blogger, I definitely should read it…of course when I have the time. Sheesh. And eventually, I do want to buy your book!

  14. thesuniverse

    Most excellent, a GG lament AND info for small bloggers.

    I still get that dizzy, angry feeling when I think about ASP leaving. It deserved to be canceled after that last season – what a stinker.

  15. scurvyann

    UNCANNY! I just watched the episode with that tea quote yesterday – I’ve been on a missing-the-Gilmore Girls-kick for the past couple of days, and watching lotsnlots of the 2nd season dvds. I KNOW I’m going to miss them EVEN MORE come autumn – Stars Hollow was always extra pretty in the fall. Suki was always putting soup in hollowed out lil punkins and stuff. And Lorelai and Rory’s clothes were extra faboo. DAaaaANG, oh why???

  16. Chris

    I miss the first 3 or so seasons of Gilmore Girls.

    “I have hit a level of perfection that has rarely been seen outside the Victoria’s Secret catalog.”

  17. hilary

    should i be ashamed to admit that I have the first couple seasons on DVD? It was a joke-gift from my sister that I find myself breaking out when I am home alone with the sniffles.

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