We’re Totally Fun Here

6th August 2007

Excerpt from Antonia Cornwell’s very kind recap of her trip to the U.S.:

“Just as Earl Grey tastes better in England and A&W root beer tastes better in America, certain music sounds better here too, like Elton John’s Crocodile Rock on the Mustang radio when you’re driving past baseball games and white picket fences on the way to the diner to sit at a Formica table and order pancakes and corned-beef hash.”

Also, this is the second Londoner (Londonist? Londonite? Luddite?) I’ve heard wax nostalgic about pancakes and/or giant American breakfasts. If there’s one thing we do better than public inebriation, it’s hangover breakfasts.

18 thoughts on “We’re Totally Fun Here

  1. Assertagirl

    Ironically the most recent hangover breakfast I had in America was called the British Breakfast special, or something similar, at the Elephant & Castle in Chicago.

  2. Bookratt

    Just back from Krakow and while we loved the city and the food and its people, we were jonesing for REAL pancakes and ‘normal’ brewed coffee after about 3 days. Sorry, crepes with jam and powdered Nescafe with hot h20 poured over it just didn’t cut it. My four year old was sooooooo happy we had pancakes for breakfast the Saturday after we returned home. So was I!!!!!

  3. Jennifer

    My first trip to England, I arrived at 4 pm and was promptly taken on a pub crawl through London. The next morning, I was not so much hungover as still inebriated, when I scanned the contents of the breakfast buffet.

    Scrambled eggs, undercooked sausages and Heinz baked beans.

    After dealing (in less than lady-like fashion) with the dry heaves that followed this sight, I promptly located the closest available McDonalds.

  4. missbeegail

    On my recent trip to Seoul I ate at an American breakfast place not once but twice. The place was always full and often had a wait. Their brioche French toast was amazing as were the pancakes.

  5. CSE

    Some of the biggest hangover breakfasts I’ve had were during a two-week trip to England and Ireland. We stayed primarily at B&Bs, which served cold cereal and whole milk, juice and toast, followed by a cooked breakfast usually including eggs, multiple types of sausage and fried potatoes.

    I always assumed the British enjoyed huge breakfasts … but maybe they’re just doing it for the tourists.

  6. Megan

    yeah, I don’t get it. Brits have a national breakfast – the sausage and beans thing – that is sold at all kinds of cafes throughout London. Maybe ours are familiar enough to be liked, different enough to be quaint.

  7. Bipolarlawyercook

    Hunh. I had great breakfasts when I was in England– sausages, grilled tomato, grilled onion, lots of hot buttered toast, and boiled eggs. The coffee, however? Execrable.

  8. Antonia

    I didn’t know you read Whoopee, you sly thing you.

    Yes! We do have big breakfasts here in England, and they are splendid, but they don’t involve pancakes, waffles or corned-beef hash. We get toast, sausages, eggs, beans, and bacon that usually gives the impression it was fairly bored before it died.

    I agree entirely with Bipolar about the terrible coffee. It’s like warmed-up dark water: really upsetting, first thing in the morning.

  9. Stella

    The best hangover breakfast I have enjoyed in all my travels is at the Machine Laundry Cafe in Salamanca Square, Hobart, Tasmania. Their eggs Benedict is nothing short of incredible – crispy bacon, perfectly poached eggs, lightly toasted sourdough and lots of excellent Hollandaise sauce. Accompanied by a latte in a giant bowl, this breakfast will make your hangover completely disappear.

  10. Melissa

    The British influence is definitely felt here in Australia – The standard “Big Breakfast” consists of scrambled eggs, toast, middle bacon (which is more like US ham) sauteed mushrooms and broiled tomatoes. Perfect for that hangover, or whatever ails you. I prefer mine with English Breakfast tea from T2.

  11. Elise

    There’s a reason the Waffle House is a cultural phenomenon.

    When in doubt, throw some cheese on it.

  12. Ivy

    The best hangover breakfast I’ve had is at a little diner dive around the corner from my house. Fried eggs, bacon, grits, and corned beef hash. Who knows if the place meets health standards, but I guess if you fry something long enough, which we love to do here in America, it’ll kill most anything! I’ve always walked out feeling better than when I stumbled in still feeling woozy!

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