Class of 2000!

27th July 2007

New Cast of Laguna Beach, originally uploaded by MaggieMason.

This is a photo of the new cast of Laguna Beach, which is now called Newport Harbor. If you’re unfamiliar with the show, it’s MTV’s “reality” high-school drama.

The California educational system could clearly use some reform, because apparently it’s taking our high-school seniors eight years more than the national average to graduate.

Tip to the MTV casting director: If you’re trying to simulate reality, don’t cast Katherine Heigl.

11 thoughts on “Class of 2000!

  1. rfg

    What, that’s not what you and your friends looked like in high school?

    I too thought that was Katherine Heigl. Disturbing.

  2. anne

    this was genuinely confusing to me, i had to look at it several times and i would consider myself an MTV fan. What are they doing???

  3. Chollyson

    Also make sure you surreptitiously — and regularly — state that only white, rich, and beautiful teenagers should be allowed to have this much “fun.”

  4. Melanie

    I am so a high school student now, at 27. Seriously. At least, I still dream I’m in high school sometimes, and I’m my age now, and I failed math so have to go back to high school. Those dreams suck. These poor, poor kids, trapped eternally in those awful years. Someone should shoot them and put them out of their misery.

  5. Jennifer

    You do realize that when MTV begins to annoy you, you’re too old for it, right? Trust me, this is a good thing!

  6. Kate

    Does that guy on the left have grey hair and bad plastic surgery already? Kids these days…

  7. Laura

    What’s frightening is that kids in Newport actually DO look like this. It’s what happens when mommy and daddy pay for your tanning sessions, plastic surgery, cosmetic dentistry, $500 haircuts, ad nauseum.

  8. heather

    Wow, for a minute I thought that really was Katherine Heigl. I was like, “Why is she slumming it on MTV??”

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