There Goes August

26th July 2007

Let’s say you’ve had a particular Yahoo email address since college. You use it to order products, give it to new people you meet, keep in touch with old friends. Now say it randomly stopped forwarding to your daily inbox about two years ago. And you? Failed. To. Notice.

You randomly log in to find thousands of messages waiting for you. Notes from old friends, notices from services, Evite after Evite after Evite.

Suddenly, you can taste the upper part of your esophagus.

Once you begin breathing again, how much time do you spend searching for the “Do Over” button before it’s acceptable to bang your head against the keyboard?

18 thoughts on “There Goes August

  1. SAE

    While reading this it occurred to me that the same thing has probably happened to me. And I can only imagine how much spam is waiting to be deleted …

  2. Matthew

    I just recently logged into my Yahoo! email account after not checking it for months.

    So if you are in the market for a fuck-buddy (or, alternatively, a fuck-friend), let me know. I can provide you with about 3,400 leads.

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  4. Melanie

    Oh, that sucks. Every once in a while I check my old Yahoo and come up with just spam, which is much, much more palatable. If I were you, I’d delete the whole inbox and start over fresh, but I’m psycho like that. My husband, the King of Throwing Stuff Away, has trained me.

  5. Leann I Am

    You probably still have that knot in your stomach, don’t you?

    Hopefully, those that were never replied to read your blog and you won’t have to explain it to each and every one of them!

  6. Sarah

    Is that why you did not come to my candle party?

    Just kidding. That is a total bummer…go give your boy a big hug and kiss and say oh well. Life goes on.

  7. heather

    Ouch. Well, at least it might explain a few things. Like, for example, have any of your friends stopped speaking to you? Well, there you go.

    Good luck wading through!

  8. Aaron

    Totally feeling your pain. I had an incident like that at a job a few years back. IT failed to consolidate multiple work email accounts. No wonder I didn’t get that promotion.

  9. MJ

    Kismet: If there was anything important, it would have made its way to you by now. I think EvilScienceChick has the right idea :-)

  10. Brat

    Yahoo is starting to DELETE email accts that have shown no use in 2 months I think they told me. Or was it three? And by use I mean the ‘owner’ signing in.

    At any rate, it might behoove you to check out your accts if they are addresses you wish to keep.

    Just a heads up for ya.

  11. candy

    i think if you log into anything yahoo (like messenger, for example) it will keep your address because mine keeps popping up with new messages & i haven’t checked in probably 6 months because no one has that address.

    it could be fun to wade thru those emails, bringing back memories of that long ago… but would get pretty tiring really quickly.

  12. ivy

    Yikes. I had the same happen to me with my Comcast account. I simply deleted everything and sent a quick apology email to everyone that matters in that particular address book.

  13. Kitta

    What’s worse, is when you know you have 834 emails in your inbox that you need to reply to, but you act as if they’re invisible and go eat a cookie.

    Cookies make everything better.

  14. James

    What’s the deal? I can sympathize with the sinking feeling in the tummy, but 95% of those emails will be obsolete. They’re either spam, stuff it was of no consequence to answer, outdated, or unimportant. I mean, you stopped checking that email account for a reason (obscure as it may seem now), and your life hasn’t ground to a halt since then…

    I say do the “Check All/Delete All” bit a lot. Just scan for important names, get rid of the rest.

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