They’re a Thing

30th July 2007

So, if you’re wondering why I didn’t beeline for Blogher this year, it’s because the guy who made my first few years of blogging possible was getting hitched.

Ev and Sara are now Mr. and Mrs. Ev and Sara.

It was touch and go for a minute there, because they decided to Ro-Sham-Bo at the altar to see who would say vows first. After they continuously threw the same weapon for about fifteen minutes, the crowd began to stir. Sara finally prevailed, which means Evan has to do what she says from now on.

Bryan and I had an increasingly excellent time at the wedding, despite my insistence that he refrain from dipping me. Due in part to the No Drunk Dipping rule, I’ve officially made it through wedding season without falling a single time. (The trumpets, they sound in the distance.)

More on the wedding later, after I’ve slept for twenty hours, and the Internet has returned from Chicago.

24 thoughts on “They’re a Thing

  1. Sol

    Were you the official wedding photographer? Because those pictures are amazing – don’t know how you held down the bridesmaid/photographer duties at the same time, but yeah.

  2. Maya

    You have so many weddings! And I love your photography. I think I might need to add the No Drunk Dipping rule to my husband’s list of nos at weddings!

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  4. anonadmirer

    I’m in the middle of wedding planning too and love all the photos of the little details. They’re inspiring my creative juices. Keep ’em coming!

  5. Lindsay

    I supposed I would have to be _having_ a wedding to legitimately beg you to come take pictures at it, so instead, could you just come take pictures of my life? Wow.
    …although, not to take anything away from your completely amazing photography, but it probably gets easier to get good shots when apparently EVERYONE you know is gorgeous. ;)

    Wow, just, “wow”. :)

  6. Meegan

    Having been in the wedding “industry”, I’m dying to know more about her dress. Do you know who designed it? It’s stunning! As are your photos of the elegant details. It’s tough to make a wedding both elegant and whimsical, both fun and frivolous but it sounds like these two succeeded. Lovely.

    Also, nice work on no drunk-dip fall-downs. I was once drunk flipped at a wedding. One minute I was standing there minding my own (boozy) bidness. The next minute I was, quite literally, heels over head over heels. My husband and his buddy thought they were reeeeaaly funny.

  7. Tired but happy

    See, I’m vindicated!

    I’m from California, and we always said ‘ro-sham-bo’.

    My partner is from New York, and he’s never heard of this ro-sham-bo business. He always called it ‘rock-paper-scissors’ and claims I made the other name up.

  8. amy

    oh please. share details about the dress. and food. and flowers. all of it. i am supposed to be planning a wedding. ha. but i love seeing such beautiful things like your photos (!) for inspiration. even if i’m just sittin’ on my butt.

  9. Kelli

    What a lovely photo! She looks beautiful, love her hairstyle and the design of that gown!

  10. srah

    Everything I know about this “ro-sham-bo” nonsense I learned from South Park, which taught me that it’s a game where you take turns kicking each other in the nuts as hard as you possibly can.

    Whereas it looks like Ev and Sara are playing “Rock, Paper, Scissors.”

    Ro-sham-bo might have been a pretty funny feature for a wedding, though. :D

  11. Abby

    I was so bummed I didn’t get to go to BlogHer, I was really trying to work it out- anyways, it’s almost a relief to hear you weren’t there- I would have been so disappointed to find that out when I got there! I was counting on hearing you speak! Maybe next year…

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