32 thoughts on “The Kid Has My Number

  1. Angie

    Will you please put him up for adoption so I can take him home? He is soooooooooooo cute. I have two beautiful little girls and Hank makes me want to have a little boy.

  2. Katie

    I have a strange love for that baby…he looks like a handsome little adult in a baby’s body. He is SO CUTE! (I see a LOT of his mommy in him!)

  3. Hula

    He’s fantastic. The photos of Hank and his dad are amazing, especially that brown one with the Mac. So cute! He’s growing fast!

  4. pk

    I love the picture (#6) where he has his mouth open almost like he’s singing. I have one of my son at around that age that is similar. Such cute little mouths!

    He’s adorable for sure.

  5. Melanie

    He’s so cute!! Oh, man, do I love gorgeous babies – what a great, expressive face. He makes you want to raspberry all over that tummy.

  6. candy

    the shirtless pics made me finally realize something… all those guys that wear their pants down so you can see their underwear are just trying to recapture their youth & miss the days of diapers hanging out of pants. because really, how damn cute is a baby with a little diaper hanging out?

  7. Amy the Mom

    One of the cutest babies I’ve ever seen…he’s just begging to be inhaled. He just looks like he’s got the most wonderful disposition.

  8. ivy

    You know one thing when a baby looks so content and so damn happy – the parents must be unbelievable fucking awesome.

    He’s a perfect picture of snuggable, huggable, gorgeousness. How lucky you are.

    I can’t wait to be a momma.

  9. Trish

    the last photo on page one (first on page two) that one kills me. so damn cute. I must now go convince my husband that having a 3rd child is indeed a good idea. Wish me luck.

  10. Danielle

    How hard is it for you not to munch on every last bit of him?! Mmm, baby. Hank is…I have no words. This kid is beyond cute!

  11. chrystal

    If I buy one of your books, besides your whisperings, will you also please rub it on Hank’s head so it will have the new baby smell?

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