God Bless America, Please

4th July 2007

When we travel internationally, my favorite part of coming home is customs. I look at the U.S. citizens’ line, and I’m always amazed at how similar it looks to the non-citizens’ line. Americans have roots all over the world, but we’ve found a home together here.

Like every big nation, we have problems, but we also have some vast cultural differences to bridge. Here’s to our shared freedoms, our gorgeous country, and our communal struggle to figure things out.

Happy Independence Day, fellow Americans. I like you guys.

14 thoughts on “God Bless America, Please

  1. Kate C.

    Amen to that! Have a peaceful and (civic, freedom of religious practice) blessed 4th.

  2. Luisa

    That’s always what I think when I come back through customs, too. It’s never demonstrated more clearly than in the customs officers: in June at JFK, I counted among the officers one American-Italian, one Chinese-American, one African-American, one Hispanic-American, one Indian-American and one white (uh, German-Irish-Scot?) American, all checking passports. Kind of great.

  3. Melissa

    I will second that Amen, sister! Another in a long list of reasons that I am in the process of importing my husband.

  4. c

    imigration officer to the arriving crowd: “U.S. citizens?” some people make themselfs known. imigration officer: “this line please, welcome home guys”. never seen such a scene at any other immigrations and calling strange people sounds still weired in my ears

  5. Anna

    The difference is: The non-citizens-line is waaaay longer and mostly you are not greeted with a “nice to have you visiting” or a simple smile. Thats sad.

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