Filling in for Siblings

8th March 2007

Bryan: I know you’re hungry, little baby, so you’ll want to get your hands out of the way. Stop pushing the bottle away, little guy.
Me: (cooing voice) Who doesn’t know what hands are yet? Whooo doesn’t understand the basic principles of physics? Whooo?
Bryan: Who jerks around like he has some sort of grave neurological disorder? Whoooo?
Both: It’s Henry! It’s Heeeenry!

32 thoughts on “Filling in for Siblings

  1. Laura

    You guys make for some very tame, kind siblings :) My brother used to chase me around the house armed with knives and forks. I am glad he is no longer 11 years old and a royal terror.

  2. Matthew

    Who jerks around like he has some sort of grave neurological disorder? Henry! Heeeenry!

    Sung to the tune of “Spongebob Squarepants,” I can only assume.

    Oh, you don’t know the theme to Spongebob Squarepants? Yeah, enjoy that while it lasts …

  3. slouching mom

    God, you guys have brought back memories for me. As of each of my boys as infants finding a hand in front of them, staring at it wide-eyed, and not having any frickin idea that it was their own hand fascinating them so. Or when they rolled over but either couldn’t get that last arm out from under them, or when they successfully completed the roll only to find that they couldn’t figure out how to roll back to where they originally were. That one slayed me, sadist that I am. There is truth to the saying that you learn more in your first year of life than you ever will again.

  4. amanda

    Our 2.5 year old has started exclaiming, “Don’t talk to me Daddy,” while our nine month old extends her arm in what looks eerily like a “talk to the hand.” They communicate in kisses from the baby with Turner and Hooch levels of drool and kicks to the face and sucker punches that would make Segal and Chan proud.

  5. Amy D.

    Heh. I know this is totally jumping the gun, but I can only imagine what kind of big brother Henry will be, having you two as examples. heehee! principles of physics. awesome!

  6. bethany

    I second Slouching Mom, you all have SUCH a journey in front of you – what a wonderful ride!

  7. JewJewBee

    That sounds like something my hubby and I would say to our son when he was a newborn — though I can’t really recall much from those hazy days! Enjoy!!!

  8. Matt

    So this is now officially a mommy blog. Just marking the point of demarcation. Embarkation?

  9. Kitty

    Did you guys finish decorating the nursery? I’m really curious to see how it turned out.

  10. melissaS

    it is truly difficult for me to imagine a world where one does not know the tune of the spongebob squarepants theme song.

    Also I wish my siblings were so nice.

  11. erin

    sadly, i know the spongebob squarepants theme song despite not having any children. darn those 8 and 12 year old cousins. it doesn’t pay to be the oldest child of a man with a sister 11 years his junior.

  12. BOSSY

    Yes, never too late to employ the school of hard knocks when it comes to an infant. You could also consider boot camp – or in this case, uh, Bootie Camp.

  13. weremonkey

    I believe little Henry is trying to “milk” the bottle by pushing on it. Looks like infants just don’t understand the difference between a bottle and a real breast.

  14. Coelecanth

    Did I see the book “The Scientist in the Crib” (ISBN: 0688177883) on your site?

    I love the idea of the little ones running constant experiments on the world and us adults.

    “I wonder what happens if I throw this spoon? Hey, it falls….and Dad picks it up.”

    “I wonder what happens if I throw this spoon? Hey, it falls….and Dad picks it up.”

    “I wonder what happens if I throw this spoon? Hey, it falls….and Dad picks it up.”

    “I wonder what happens if I throw this spoon? Hey, it falls….and Dad has gone all red and is waving it around. Interesting.”

    “I wonder what happens if I throw this spoon? Hey, it falls……

    We’re 4 months from having our own little scientist to deal with. I suspect I’ll be less amused when I’m demoted to lab rat and bottle washer. :)

  15. Miranda

    Know how you can learn the theme to SpongeBob SquarePants? Date a 25 year old Ph.D. candidate in computer science. I kid you not.

  16. aimee/greeblemonkey

    See? The very best part of having a baby is saying stuff like that to crack your partner up. My Bryan (good spelling by the way) is just like that. You both are huh-larious. This is gonna be a fun ride.

  17. Stephanie

    Also based on the laws of sibling-physics is phenomenon of how the taunted and teased inevitable grow to be stronger and smarter than the ones who teased and taunted ;)

  18. Katherine

    Enjoy the ‘totally precious but totally clueless’ stage while it lasts. My youngest is 21 months and I swear, she is smarter than me. I can no longer get away with saying things like, “Um, actually we don’t have any cookies, only cheese and yogurt and other disgusting healthy things.” Because she just laughs, runs to the kitchen, and points to the exact cabinet where my stash of Oreos are hidden.

  19. Claire

    LOL! This makes me wish I were closer to my due date; although it’s in September and I don’t look forward to being huge in August in Florida.

  20. Dave

    This is so cool. Being unable to have children myself (toxic case of homoism) I can live vicariously thru you.

    I am good with dogs, tho.

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