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  1. slouching mom

    This reminds me of a conversation I had when I was 11 with a boy around my age whom I had met while on vacation.

    (Background: I am white; my uncle is white; his wife is black.)

    Somehow it came up that my aunt was black, and he looked totally shocked. (Was his being Southern responsible for the extremity of his reaction? I think so, but who knows.)

    In a strong Southern accent, he wailed, “But how can thayt beeeeeeeeeeeee?”

    I very nearly spewed the milk I was drinking out of my nose and all over his bathing suit.

  2. Katie Cook

    Just wondering… Are you going to share your labor story? We would love to hear it when you get the chance. No pressure!

  3. Pascha

    My two brothers-in-law both have developmental disabilities. The older one (he’s 35) was asking questions about what our baby will look like–I’m 5 months. He was asking what color hair it would have, what color eyes it would have, etc. He then quieted down for a moment, and in all sincerity, asked, “Will it be a black baby or a white baby?”

    Neither of us are black. He was confused because a woman he knows was dating a black man and had a baby with him. So he thought our baby might be black, too. Too funny.

  4. TSM

    Love it. My 9 yr old is a gem. Same kind of comments.

    Oh, and a heads up-I mentioned your book in my blog today, giving you some free advertising in a roundabout way. Cool, huh?

  5. Erin

    Well i guess thats better than thinking that black people aren’t real. My 5 year old brother-in-law asked me why i chose a black friend-after explaining that she is just my friend regardless of her colour, he continues to go on that black people are just not real. pointing out a black person on the news-ha. ‘oh the news isnt real, its on tv.. gaaaw’ i am starting to question who won this argument.

  6. Amy D.

    weell, yes we love the flashback! but I’m up for the labor story, too. That pic was awesome, I’m sure there are good moments to share if you care to. If you tell me you had the presence of mind to jot them down between contractions (think like a writer in labor?), you will have convinced me that you’re more than mighty!

  7. Chloe

    Ha – reminds me of a friend’s younger brother, asking with all the sincerity in the world if his sister and her (black) boyfriend would have a striped baby… a classic!

  8. Gina Allen

    As a resident of Ashland I feel responsible for apologizing for your laundry predicament. There are many great representations of our infinitely interesting little spot, and I think you were directed to the looniest. Perhaps you were treated to the fashion show where the laundry manager changes clothing hourly based on what he has selected from various dryers. (I work at the Italian restaurant next door, it is one of our daily entertainments.)I hope you enjoyed Ashland Maggie! You certainly bring some delight to us…

  9. Tired but happy

    This reminds me of the time I took my son (then about 18 months) to a birthday party at a neighbor’s house. As usual, we were the only people there who were not African American. After playing ball with us for a while, a little boy asked me, gesturing to my son, “How come you and him look white?”

    I answered, “Because we are ‘white’.”

    He absorbed that, then said, “White people don’t like black people.”

    What could I say? I said, “That’s true. Some white people don’t.”

    I wish this kid hadn’t had to learn that by age six or whatever.

  10. You can call me, 'Sir'

    Lucky for Mr. Aaron, he found some topical ointment that cleared the condition up. “Pheeww!” he pheeww’d, “That was a CLOSE one!”

  11. Fuzz

    My former boss’ 6 year-old grandson was watching the American Idol finale, back when the two finalists were Clay Aiken and Ruben. From the other room, my boss asked, “Who’s singing right now?” His grandson replied, “The really big white guy.” Knowing just enough to know that that the really big guy was most definitely not white, my boss went to check it out. There was Ruben, singing his heart out in an all white suit. You gotta love the way kids perceive the world sometimes…

  12. Lori

    My (then 4yo) nephew is a sports nut and early on loved to draw “tournament brackets” and play the games in his mind and declare winners. Grambling State won a lot. I asked him why he picked them. “because they have a lot of black faces and the black faces score the most”.

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