26 thoughts on “Pregnancy Doesn’t Suck, Part 4

  1. Jenn C

    I tried to relax before the baby came but I just couldn’t settle myself down (damn you nesting!!)As this seemed really important at the time, I managed to paint my own toe nails 2 weeks before I gave birth. The doctor will surely notice my beautifully pedicured feet elbow deep in uterus, right?

  2. slouching mom

    If you look anything like I did while pregnant (scratch that, I’ve seen the pictures, you don’t), you might even ask, “What legs?” I couldn’t even see my legs.

  3. Julie

    Ugh. Everytime I see a new post from you on my feedreader I keep thinking it’s going to be the one where you’re all HOORAY! HE’S HERE! LOOK HOW CUTE HE IS!

    Any day now. ;-)

  4. samantha jo campen

    Um, that sounds like my life now, and I’m not even pregnant.

    So really, life will get even better when I’m ‘with child’ then right? Or will I just turn into a lazy hairy beast?

  5. Peggasus

    Pregnancy doesn’t suck at all. I think I had heartburn one time for about 20 minutes, but then it was gone, so I can’t be sure. I had to try to gain weight with the second, so I was constantly going to the Hostess outlet store and buying boxes of Ho-Hos, and Ding-Dongs. I had two kids, two separate times, with less than three total hours of labor. But without ANY drugs, so there was that. I don’t I get extra points anywhere for that, I don’t think.

    But you know what I missed, after it was over? That moving around in there, the little vibrations when they would move; the kicks and stuff. It was so comforting to me. And then I read, afterwards, that the way they moved inside they will still do for the first week or two after birth. So when I saw my second flexing his little fingers in rythym over and over, that was the little tickle I felt all the time when he was inside of me.

    Good luck to you! You’ll be fine!

  6. bessa

    Yeah, what is up with that sleep schedule thing? I used to be a great sleeper – 8 hours a night on a routine. I’m 32 weeks now and my body/mind/being is not interested in sleeping at night.

  7. Karen

    Isn’t that just a divine part of pregnancy? Makes up for all the early morning insomnia, if you suffer from it.

    To exist in some sort of mental equilibrium I still need an afternoon nap. Thank the sweet sleep Gods that my 2 kids still nap too.

  8. Tiff

    I’m 2 days from my due date and have been enjoying the lazy noon-to-dinner time reading/napping/eating for weeks.
    Oh how I’ll miss my ass-imprint on the couch once the baby is here.

  9. Quel

    Relax now, cuz before you know it you’re kid’s going to be 8 3/4 and despite all the talks of “don’t take things from strangers” and “don’t do drugs”…you will get the call from the Vice Principal of the elementary school telling you someone was passing out Tums in class and your kid took one. (it upset her stomach, but she’s going to be fine) HUH? WHAT?? omg. That was just 9 minutes ago….

  10. Annagrace

    It’s true…there was little to know shaving of the legs the last few months. But as soon as I knew I was in labor for real I got right into that tub and shaved away. You know, for the benefit of the midwife, though with everything else she and the other staff saw of me, I’m sure soft and smooth legs wasn’t the highlight!

  11. Rachel

    You start to grow weary of having to forage for food every half hour. Eating sure is a lot of trouble.

    You did have a whole list of things to do, but your handful of brain cells can’t find it and you probably can’t carry anything required to complete the list anyway. So a nap it is!

    Only four months ago, but feels like 10 years. Take it from me, don’t decide to go on a trip anytime soon. My daughter was born in a neighboring state.

  12. Lacy

    Oh girlfriend – enjoy this time. If you ever decide to give this baby a sibling – it’s an entirely different experience. Your toddler won’t give a crap that you’re tired and pregnant! I’m 12 weeks along with #3. #1 and #2 bang on the bathroom door and tell me to speed it up with the barfing because they really NEED some gum.

  13. Sam

    When my water broke – I just gave birth to my son two weeks ago – instead of thinking exciting thoughts about labor and meeting my baby for the first time, I thought about my one-month-old unshaved legs. I had plenty of time to take a shower and take care of them, but it was a toss up between watching the State of the Union and that. And somehow NOT shaving my legs was a nice way to stick it to Dubya. Needless to say, my doctor literally guffawed when I apologized for my fuzziness at the hospital.

  14. amanda

    Stubble or mature hair growth pre-delivery, primping and preening for delivery…I too worried about being, ahem, groomed. I wanted the fuzzy, dreamy babe in arms photos. The three hours in the shower during labor destroyed any chance of presentable hair or having a touch of mascara on my eye lashes. How lucky to find that the fuzzy, magical beauty in the pictures is from the delivery and meeting the little life you have grown. I have butterflies for the days ahead for you.

  15. Gina

    I pretty much quit shaving during my third pregnancy and haven’t really gotten back into it regularly. It just takes a little time to get back on track after a pregnancy. Aaaany day now…it’s only been about six years.

  16. Allison

    I had the same thought as Lacy… you are so obviously a first-timer! My first pregnancy didn’t suck either… but numbers 2 and 3 were/are a whole different story. I’m almost 13 weeks pregnant with #3 and have spent the past 36 hours cleaning diarrhea off the bathroom floors thanks to my sick 4 and 2 year olds. Neither child naps anymore, so guess what? Neither does Mama. And shaving is a joke — I’m lucky to get a shower every three days.

  17. MissPoste

    Wow, next time I get pregnant I’ll have to try not having an office job or an hour and half commute on public transport. Clearly my schedule is not allowing me to enjoy this experience as much as yours is. My kingdom for a 4 hour nap – but I have a meeting to run. You’re a lucky AND mighty girl. Bon chance!

  18. steph

    What about the baby? Is the little squirt squirming around in there a lot? Do you feel a connection? Do you communicate with each other?

    I remember that my daughter was very, very active in utero (actually, this has not changed!) and I could poke in a certain spot and she would poke back sometimes. And she would never move for Daddy, so he didn’t really believe I was pregnant until he saw her make her appearance!

    Also, I recognized her little face and feet from the 16-week ultrasounds – same profile as me, and same long skinny feet. I cried… but then I cried at everything sweet… that hasn’t changed much either.

    Enjoy this… it’s the event of a lifetime.

  19. Jen

    Oh, I remember the naps,,, and I miss the naps. I have a thirteen month old who is now into everything and when she naps I don’t get to nap (like everyone tells you to do, such a farce) because I get to clean up everything she has destroyed. Totally worth it, mind you, but I miss the naps. Get as many as you can. Happy slumbering!

  20. dodo

    one thing. about the not shaving your legs. you may not be able to see them now, but if, in a couple of days time you find them stirruped up around your ears, you’d be surprising how disconcertingly distracting those cow licks can be!

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