Metabolism Through the Years

5th February 2007

So, Maggie, what have you been doing? Well, friends, I have been asleep. In addition, I have been preparing snacks. And then there’s all the eating and resting I’ve been up to.

Also, I’ve been sharing embarrassing photos of myself in high school on heavily trafficked Web sites. Head over to check out my high-waist Daisy Dukes and my worried-looking glamour shot.

However, I must say, after spending months waddling around with a carton of ice cream in my hand, it’s hard to feel embarrassed about any photo in which I weighed roughly 63 pounds. Not impossible, but hard.

26 thoughts on “Metabolism Through the Years

  1. rachel k

    Those photos are priceless. Are you familiar with Sarah Brown’s term Bershon? You are so Bershon in the second photo, it is perfectly high school!

  2. Mau

    Ahh Maggie!!! I think you look better on the 37-Weeks photo than before!!!


    I just think that moms-to-be have this awesome look! It is just a radiant happiness that can’t be denied, that is highly contagious. =)

    Congratulations to you and Bryan!

  3. SwoozyQ

    Oh my goodness… It has been two and a half years since I had my baby… I forgot how near to bursting a 37 week pregnant woman looks! You look great, just really full.

    Love the high school shots too… hehehe

  4. colleen

    I think you always look great, just because you’re YOU. Oh how I wish I’d had your spunk and charisma!
    Drop a note when “it happens”, eh?
    Lotsa love, Cousin Colleen

  5. BOSSY

    And Bossy wishes she had Cousin Colleen’s thesaurus – because ‘spunk’ and ‘charisma’ are just the words Bossy was searching for.

  6. Julie

    This is really strange to admit… I have loved your blog for years, but these past couple weeks I check every day for baby updates — so Maggie, you are in my thoughts!

  7. Amy D.

    mmm…ice cream. I know this makes me a jackass, but someone I love once actually did weigh 65 lbs, and it was far from pretty. So, please don’t worry about baby fat of any type, like, ever! You’re gorgeous, can’t wait for the stories & photos to follow….

  8. Sandy

    I love that numbers picture… “La la la, oh, just … hanging these styrofoam numbers on the — oh, a camera?” *Click!*

  9. samantha

    i always wondered why they had us hold our hand up to our chins like we were gonna lean on it… but it never quite got there and then FLASH!

    i guess it was more glamorous that way :)

  10. amy

    Hey! I graduated in ’93 too. Instead of high-waisted cut-offs, I opted for the high-waisted pleated (but tapered!) jeans in my senior pictures. Awesome.

  11. Gleemonex

    Hey now!! Lookin good, past and present. Class of ’92 here, and Maggie? There was a HAT involved. Also some very high-waisted black jeans and a fuschia silk shirt from Express.

    A hat. Really.

  12. raina

    I bet $100 you’ll be running around the apartment in those daisy dukes 2 weeks after you give birth.

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