19 thoughts on “You Are Scary

  1. Lucy

    Anything with a name in Greek can have the word phobia tacked onto it. If there was a word for blog in Greek there would be a technical sounding name for fear of blogs… which wouldn’t mean that fear existed.

    PS. I love this blog. I just never find ‘zany’ phobia lists interesting.

    PPS. Mirrors in the dark are pretty sketchy.

  2. TheQueen

    I tried to Google the mirror fear but it appears it’s eisotrophobia, with an R.

    My favorite is Aibohpphobia, which is a fear of palindromes.

  3. rik

    my personal favorite is Billy Bob Thornton’s actual phobia: the fear of antique furniture (which the writers of the movie Bandits worked into the script for his character).

  4. rik

    just to add to the list, some newly discovered favorites:

    Pentheraphobia – fear of your mother-in-law
    Pteronophobia – fear of being tickled by feathers
    Arachibutyrophobia – fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth

  5. Jill

    I just saw that pic of Demi when she’s naked and a thousand months pregnant. Clearly she did not suffer from this phobia …

  6. Logos

    What happens when you have both fears? You look in the mirror arnd scream and your scream just causes you to scream louder…I assume the logical course is you continually pass out from fright.

  7. Madelyn

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  8. BOSSY

    “phonophobia – fear of your own voice
    eisotophobia – fear of seeing yourself in the mirror”

    Put them together and that spells phonoeisOH-NObia, or the fear of mouthing off to your own reflection in an Old Navy dressing room.

  9. Katie

    I want to buy your book (from you, autographed and caressed and all that) – but I get a lot of weird emails from PayPal and don’t trust their site… is there any way I can purchase the book from you without going through PayPal?

  10. JewJewBee

    Just started to check out the March 2007 issue of Parenting and saw that MightyGoods.com got a great review:

    A Site We Love
    Looking for the perfect gift for a friend, your child, or yourself? Head to MightyGoods.com, a great shopping blog that features fresh finds from the web. Selections–such as self-watering flowerpot, window paints for kids, and lemon olive oil–range from cheap to splurge-worthy and from unique to just darn cute. Categories include gadgets, fashion, food, kids, and more.

    Wonder if they know you’ll be joining the clan of mommas very soon or if it’s just a very cool coincidence?!?

  11. Kyran @ Notes to Self

    I couldn’t find a place to comment on the cute pix on DY. I wanted to protest that you kids of the nineties didn’t have nearly embarrassing enough hairstyles. Hopefully, it will become more awful over time.


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