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  1. Lisa

    So, this means you are due the same day as my daughter? February 18? I think it would be so neat if you had them on the same day!

    I check daily to see if you’re still here. How will we know when you’ve gone to have the baby? Will we sit here biting our fingernails wondering until you return from being MIA?

  2. Kate

    Here was me hoping it was going to be an e-version of one I saw in a Widgets And Things And Bumpff store recently. It was a keychain with a digital countdown to January 20, 2009. That’s right. The day when someone else will be living in the White House.

    That one’s very sweet, though!

  3. Vikki

    The due date for my first child was 6/30. I kept saying to myself, “Any day but the 4th of July”. Guess what day he was born. Yes, 4th of July. We have had to suffer through patriotic gifts from my midwestern family ever since.

  4. rik

    cute! well, that looks like as good a day as any. my birthday’s the day after valentine’s and my son’s is the 19th, so you could really hit any of those days. good luck!

  5. Amy D.

    My brother was born on Feb. 18th! Too bad there’s no leapday this year (not that you want to be pregnant for that much longer, I’m sure! I’m a leapday baby)…dividing by four gets old, but when I’m 64 I’ll be able to say I’ve only had 16 birthdays! And getting to milk it for Feb. 28th and March 1st on the off years is fun….double the cake, bitches! ahahaha…..take care!

  6. Amethyst

    Goodness, Maggie, between you and the commenters three birthdays in my family have been mentioned. My husband’s is the 4th of July (which is also the due date for his sister’s second child), my birthday is Valentine’s Day and your due date is my eldest brother’s-in-law birthday.

  7. Hi There!

    I’m guessing that you don’t want to hear about my due-Feb-18 baby who was born on March 10.

    I actually didn’t mind the extra three weeks – I was firmly in the “pregnancy doesn’t suck” camp & knew it would be easier with him still inside than when he was finally out! :-P

  8. Wingnutamy

    eh. I went in for my 38 weeks, told the doc I wanted to be induced (it was August in Sacramento), he said no, I pointed at my belly and said “come on Friday”.

    And she did.

    Nice birth, very easy luckily, and I broke some Folsom, CA record for 1st time pushers: 8 minutes.

    Before the birth, and throughout my prego, I got LOADS of the negatory comments (even though I never really complained too much about my gestational diabetes and injections in public), and lots of people have oogily stories about multi-day births and emergency c sections. My theory is that most people don’t have much more exciting things in their lives, so that is one of the few things that can get them excited. The truly very few that had really terrifying stories, well, they are still alive to tell them and their kids are beautiful and they are calm happy mamans who don’t share that stuff with strangers.

    The only one who really scared me was my mom, and that’s why I never even considered having a baby at home. I don’t remember her lecture in full, but I remember “poop out vagina” and “rest of life”. She is a labor and delivery nurse who has seen it all.

    I wish you much “open cervix” action with very little pain, highly recommend the gym ball-in-the-shower, and when you’re ready (if you want one), the epidural combo. Like brownies and red wine in front of the fire on a faux-fur rug.

  9. jon

    When you first “announced”, I tried to find this ticker for you, but alas, could not.
    I had sent it to another friend of mine a couple of years ago.

  10. bethany

    Yeah, I saw the doc with 10 days left to go. She checked me and said, aw honey you’ve got at least 2 weeks left.

    My water broke that night and I had her 9 hours later. If you want it I can’t speak hightly enough of the epidural – to get the same effect takes quite a bit of tequila.

    Take care and best of luck!

  11. jessica

    My advice for the next nine days: Nap often. Nap for long periods of time. Read. Relish the last few days of feeling your little one wiggle around inside of you. Enjoy a bowl of ice-cream at 2am, or if that wakes your baby as it did mine, pudding is also wonderful. And if you have the energy, go on one last date. Even if it is a short date, and is only to the corner coffee-shop, take this time to enjoy the last days of it being just you two. Oh, and take a picture of your belly every day until that child comes out. You will never believe your skin was able to stretch that far (even if you have stretch marks to prove it!) (I took one every day for the last two weeks because I was sure each day was the *last*)

    Your life is about to become more wonderful than you could have ever imagined, enjoy these last few days of “boredom”.

    Best wishes to the Mason family!

  12. Arwen

    You’re 38w5d! My daughter (now four months old) was born at 38w4d. It could be any minute now. On the other hand, not to scare you or anything, but I was born at, like, 42w5d.

    All the best to you!

  13. Amy

    I’ve been tracking your pregnancy without leaving comments, saving up for a big occasion…so here it is! CONGRATS!!

  14. seejanemom

    I am ASHAMED that I have not even ONCE visited this site since at least…oh it was the post about Bill Clinton coming to SanFran and your hub helping with the shindig….way back then….. So TODAY, being Sunday and slow and my thoughts drifting to my own baby’s birthday, I was all “…HHmmm wonder if Mighty Girl has had that baby yet?” so I thought I’d toddle on over here and see…maybe get a baby photo or a “just a couple weeks left” post….AND TODAY WAS THE DAY??????>>>>>>UNREAL….so it is official, ALL smart mommy bloggers must have sons in February…I had mine twelve years ago on the 15th.

    Delivering a baby means that another thing is official…you are INDEED a MIGHTY GIRL….and you will become MIGHTY MOM in spite of yourself!


  15. dhd

    Congrats! They say first time moms tend to go past their due date. Glad you didn’t have to wait the extra days!

  16. Lynne

    Hurray! It’s Monday, the only day EVER that you’ll be able to say ‘What? Were you born yesterday?’ to the little gaffer. Congratulations on your Mighty Wee One!

  17. amanda

    Congratulations Mama! I hope that you’ll be sharing stories over the next year. It’s going to be pure magic, devour every second!
    Blessings to your family.

  18. cathryn

    Congratulations, Mighty Mama! Delurking here to let you know that all three of you have the most gorgeous smiles! Here’s to you, Mighty Boy!

  19. wintor

    A Mighty Happy Birthday to Hank! And a good job and congratulations to you and the mister. That Hank, he’s a handsome fella :)

  20. bridget

    congrats! I have enjoyed your pregnancy and hope that you will cherish this time of crazy termoil as much as we did. Watching a man turn into a daddy is a wonderful thind to watch. Blessings and right on!

  21. Wendy Mac

    My daughter was also born at 12:17 (well, 8 years ago, not today)! A lucky time of day. Much love and congratulations to the new family!!! Welcome, baby Hank!

  22. Claire

    Congratulations! Welcome little one…
    “Babies are a wonderful way to start people”
    (from a card I had at some point :))

  23. Michelle

    Congratulations, congratulations! I enjoyed hearing about your pregnancy as a convenient excuse for unsavory behavior, and now I’m dying to find out what you do with new-mom sleep deprivation. I beseech you: carry only the SOFT handbags, the SOFT ones!

  24. tortoiseshelly

    Congratulations! I’m so excited I share a birthday with Hank! Of course, it’s also the birthday of Burt Reynolds, but you may not want to scare him with that news just yet.

  25. Lindsay


    Um, what? You have a blog, yeah? So you know sometimes the entries are shorter than others? And sometimes, they’re short little ditties published right before GOING INTO LABOR AND POPPING OUT A KID, and sometimes they’re insiped drivel about bugs on food. WTF, dude!

  26. coolbeans

    Hooray! Congratulations to all of you.

    (Okay, this was what I wrote before I saw comment #74 and guess what? I’m unoriginal. Surprise! Still, congrats.)

  27. Matt

    Happiness at le maison Mason! My sincerest congratulations to you both… actually to you three.

    Odd that I realized that my bloglines feed hadn’t seen any action from Mighty Girl… then the cogs started creaking, then lo and behold- just as I suspected! The most happiness and felicity to you!

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