8 thoughts on “Mighty Good Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

  1. Ed Reif

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  2. Alli

    Hi Maggie,

    I have been reading your site for so long and you always have such interesting gift ideas! I am going to be coming to SF soon, can you share with me some of your favorite women’s boutiques? I like accessories/jewelry.

    Thank you! And best of luck with your Mighty Baby!!!


  3. heidi

    maggie…your list has solved a gift-giving conundrum. thank you for the link to the LP/cassette burning device. the mix tape we played at our wedding (almost 20 years ago) was dangerously near being un-playable. now with this gift, my hubby and i can preserve our 1987 memories!


  4. Melanie

    A hearty “Ditto!” on the LP/cassette burner love. We were thinking of investing in a USB turntable before we move in a few months, to get rid of some records. You just saved me a hundred bucks, and some anxiety as to whether the software would work for cassettes.

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