Yikes! Not Our Baby.

30th January 2007

So, I have to be more careful. The baby in my daily photo (now removed) was a friend’s sweet baby from our birthing class. Not our baby, reapeat, not our baby. Rest assured, when I am no longer pregnant, you will know definitively that the baby you’re looking at is ours, as I will be shouting from the rooftops.

Meanwhile, I am still pregnant. Pregnant enough that I’m expecting a little plastic turkey thermometer to pop out of my tummy at any moment. Sorry about that. Please enjoy the new photo of a great pie place in the Mission.

6 thoughts on “Yikes! Not Our Baby.

  1. steph

    I was thinking those ultrasounds had gotten amazingly good since I had mine… ;)

    (Actually, I thought that was an indication of birth, but was quickly corrected. Obviously we are very interested and excited about your upcoming event!)

  2. Hilary

    Just wanted to de-lurk (because frequent lurkers on my own site tend to freak me out at times) and mention that I am a labor and delivery nurse in San Jose and I have YET to have someone’s timer pop.
    I’ll email you when it happens.

  3. Lisa

    It’s funny you mention the turkey timer as a few days ago I said the following about my daughter, “All we’re waiting for now is her belly button to pop out like the pop-up-timer in a baking turkey to signify you’re ready to come out.”

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