11 thoughts on “Also? Martinis

  1. SusieQ

    Those damn stereotypes ruining lunch… I was the same though – I really didn’t want any of those little knowing smiles people give you when they think it is always about being pregnant!

    The worst though, was the fact that for the last two months of my pregnancy all I craved was a Corona beer. I normally HATE beer, but I wanted one, and not just any beer. It had to be a Corona beer, with a lime. And no, I didn’t give in.

    Good luck to you, your nursery looks great!

  2. crzylady

    my favourite during early pregnancy…

    Dr: you can still have a glass of wine or a beer occassionally if you like.

    Co-workers at events: Ha ha ha, no alcohol for you you’ve got a special package on the way.

    GRRRRR and then you just look like an evil and horrible mother if you smile at them, nod and then head for the beer anyway.

  3. Peeved Michelle

    Upon finding out that I am pregnant, people first ask if I have morning sickness (no, until just this week, actually – week 13) and if I have been craving pickles (no, the thought of eating one makes me queasy).

  4. Vikki

    I craved the nasty taco sauce from Taco Bell. You know the mild, odd tasting red liquid that comes in those little packages. I would sneak in and take it to put on other foods. Pregnancy is truly a grand lesson in humility.

  5. Julie

    I HAD to have spicy V-8 juice every two hours for my entire first trimester. That was the only thing that didn’t come back up immediately (I lost 10 lbs. my first tri!). Nasty, nasty stuff unless you crave it!

    Then it was grilled cheese, ham (never eat ham, ever, except when I’m pregnant), chocolate Cokes from a old-fashioned drug store here, and olives.

    My daughter – once she got to table foods – has always adored grilled cheese, olives, and ham! She’s a hyper 3-year old so we haven’t given her chocolate coke yet!

  6. Kim

    None of the normal cravings for me. During the first trimester the only thing I could stomach was Gatorade. I had to leave the room when hubby made coffee or God forbid waffles or boca burgers. The smells made me want to hurl and then hurl some more. I used to go in our bedroom and shut the door until the smells went away. Going to the grocery store nearly killed me. My one wierd craving was Chef Boyardee Ravioli in a can. Go figure.

  7. Elizabeth

    My first pregnancy I craved ANYTHING dark green vegetable such as spinich, broccoli,swiss chard. My second pregnancy the only thing I craved was pickles and I would eat them by the jar, sometimes the whole jar at one time.

  8. Amethyst

    With my first I ate quart-sized boxes of grape tomatoes with ranch dressing at a time and with my second I had lascivious dreams about French Fries.

    If I may ask, when’s your due date? From what I can tell it should be days around my brithday.

  9. JewJewBee

    I was a pickle craver before I even knew I was pregnant. Now, I can’t look at a pickle without my hubby asking if I’m pregnant again… Cursed for life!

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