18 thoughts on “Distinctions

  1. Emily

    Yeah, grouchiness will be gone, replaced by mind-numbing, bone-marrow-tickling exhaustion. But also, it will be great! No really, it will!

    I just never want to add my name to that THEY NEVER TOLD ME IT WOULD BE SO TIRING list.

    You will be elated, you will be tired, and it will be amazing. Congratulations!

  2. Meg

    Ah hahahahhaha. I’m a recent mighty GIRL convert, over from mighty goods…

    Have you ever thought of making “famous among dozens” shirts? I would love that….

  3. kim de kimblahg

    I agree with the famous among dozens shirt- that is the best tag line ever. And what is the difference between a mime and a harlequin? Guess I could wiki it. I recently learned that the actor who played C3P0 was a mime hired to just do the physical acting but then George Lucas decided his voice was appropriate to voice the robot too. Who knew?

  4. Meegan

    I don’t know what a mime jam jar is. It almost doesn’t matter because I have a 4 month old daughter so I still VERY distinctly remember the end of my pregnancy. Which means that if it’s something that annoys you, no explanation needed. It’s just WRONG. (btw, I delivered 11 days past my due-date. hope you fare better!)

  5. TurnipTrucker

    Harlequin jam has red & white berries in it. Mime jam has pasty faced guys in lipstick & bowler hats twisting around weirdly being all quiet & stuff, don’t eat any it’s a terrible thing to taste.

  6. Kate

    Mimes actors who tell stories through the use of face and gesture only- no vocalizations, no sound.

    Marcel Marceau, the famous mime, said that women don’t make great mimes because of their bodies; mimes should be androgynous so they have a “blank” body on which to build their stories. Same with their clothes and faces- they’re flat palettes, really.

    Harlequin is one of a series of stock characters, like Pulcinello (in English “Punch”) that make up the cast of the Italian theatre genre Commedia dell Arte.

    This kind of drama was originally largely improvised, making a story from a bare bones script and relying on actors’ ability to make the plays funny.

    Characters were typed- The Fool, The Love Interest- so if Harlequin came on, you knew who he was and what he was supposed to do. (he was a buffoon)

    Anyway you cut, neither belongs on a jam jar!

  7. marielle

    Harlequin is a depression-era pattern for ceramic dinnerware. It was designed by Fredrick Rhead for Homer Laughlin in the late 1930s, made popular presumably by its low cost and bright colored glazes. Think Fiestaware, but lighter, thinner, and totally cuter due to its Art Deco styling.

    Maggie, please tell me you bought it. (A piece like that also justifies a daily photo.)

  8. Maggie Post author

    It was a jam jar, shaped like a mime. A mime in a puffy costume. Therefore I didn’t buy it, I drew away from it in horror.

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