23rd January 2007


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For half an hour, I wandered around with my giant Cannon hanging off my neck. I took dozens of photos with a loud CHA-CHICK each time. As I aimed my lens at yet another bin of confections, the storekeeper said, “I’m sorry. I can’t allow you to take photos here.” I jerked up, my face burning, to find that she was actually talking to a woman who had just wandered in. The woman was aiming her tiny digital elf at friend who was grinning in front of a colorful gum display.


20 thoughts on “Espionage

  1. Sara

    I immediately looked up Powell’s Candy Store in Healdsburg and tried to figure out if I could make a trip up there this weekend, but then realized it was silly to make a trip to just buy candy. Maybe I’ll go drink some wine somewhere and just make a “quick stop” for the candy. Love the pictures!!

  2. Maggie

    Lots of public stores won’t let you take photos now because they’re afraid you’re a competitor trying to steal trade secrets or something. It’s nuts.

  3. Monkee

    Maybe she is a member of a super secret underground candy smuggling cartel and she’s afraid you’ll find her stash of chewy gooey jelly beans spiked with angel dust…um, I mean extra special sugar dust!

  4. Sara

    I got yelled at (twice! – once while I had my camera phone out and once after I’d put it away already) at Whole Foods for taking pictures for a graphic design class. Now I have completely out-of-proportion animosity for Whole Foods.

    May I ask if you were at the Powells in Windsor or Healdsburg? Are there more that that? Did you go into a sugar coma afterward?

  5. HDC

    It’s the pregnancy sphere of innocence. Obviously pregnant women are never guilty of anything and are never up to no good.

  6. Clair

    I always thought doot dee doo was universal, but maybe just to the original Sesame Street generation. Great photos! Now I want some taffy.

  7. carolb

    I don’t get it. I asked why you weren’t allowed to take pictures at “The Salad Loop” and they told me that I could take a picture of my freind, but not in front of the buffet so no one will copy their buffet style. It’s cut up fruit and veggies? What’s to copy?

  8. TSM-terrifically superiorily mediocre

    Oh, now see…I know all about this…I can explain their ferocious defense of the ‘no photo’ policy. Bear with me, I swear it’s related.

    Once, whilst singing karaoke, a woman came in, took my photo, and left. Seriously. I was up singing some long Celine Dion song and she walked right in off the street-capturing my soul and disappearing into the night.

    Turns out she had a beef with the management because she liked to wear lingerie as outerwear, and felt that my ensemble was similar, therefore she must photograph me for evidence at the court case. Before you begin rolling on the floor, keep in mind this was, after all, a bar.

    Do you think that the candy store has a dress code?

  9. Catie

    Powells (and Healdsburg) should be super happy that you took photos in there otherwise I would’ve never known about them and wouldn’t be planning to visit them. I’ll probably spend a million dollars. Okay, probably nowhere close to a million dollars, but that’s not the point. Like pretty much everyone else, I don’t get the no photo thing.

  10. geeky

    Like Sara, a friend and I were warned not to take photos in a Whole Foods market (can’t help it – their food is so pretty!). My friend was using a dSLR and more noticeable, so they only talked to her. I was able to sneak a few more photos with my Canon Elph :)

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