40 thoughts on “First World Livin’

  1. (the other) Margaret

    I think it would actually make a cool necklace, maybe on a black silk cord; but am I planning on letting my four year old use it to create Elsa Peretti inspired bubbles? I think not…..

  2. Leah

    At first I was all “But you can’t even put your finger through the handle hole!” and then I realized that the handle is to be pinched, delicately, between the thumb and forefinger, pinky aloft.

  3. jessica

    “this is the perfect companion piece to the bottle of bubbles i had made from the tears of dying children”

    lol! best. comment. ever.

    couldn’t have summed my my gut reaction any better, although the salt from the tears might tarnish the silver…karma’s a bitch, i suppose.

  4. lara

    oh my holy goodness. i thought i was already laughing as hard as i could just at the absolute ridiculousness of the wand itself, but then dooce almost made me pee my pants i was laughing so hard (but i didn’t! pee my pants, i mean. i am moderately socialized, after all, plus i would have to wash my sheets and the laundry’s about a mile away. what was i talking about? …

  5. megan

    seems sort of sad to stick that thing in a plastic bottle of bubble juice.

    Don’t they have something useful like a sterling silver potato peeler?

  6. Vikki

    My poor deprived children…destined to suffer through the tragedy that is the plastic bubble wand. Perhaps Dooce should collect the tears of failed mothers everywhere. I can ship mine priority.

  7. margieblystone

    Why not something a bit more useful, like a 14K diamond encrusted rectal thermometer? I’m quite sure Paris Hilton had one as a baby, though hers wasn’t diamond encrusted until they pulled it out.

  8. Kandice

    This is the perfect addition to any baby registry. Let’s see, car seat or Sterling Silver Bubble Wand? I’m gonna go with bubble wand. How could you live without it? Seriously.

  9. maggie

    Okay, that is ridiculous. However, someone gave us the related Elsa Perreti feeding spoon as a baby gift, and it was my absolute favorite such spoon. It felt nice in the hand and it was long enough. Not that I would have spent that kind of scratch…but I did like having it.

  10. Tiredbuthappy

    I wonder how many of these they have sold?

    I’d like to invite anyone who is considering buying this item to settle for a stainless steel one instead (only $89.99!) and donate the difference to my kid’s college account.

  11. j

    Well, “gag me with a silver spoon”……. oh wait,with the silver bubble wand. Its never too early to start your child to his/her road of consumerism.
    God Bless the USA.

  12. samantha jo campen

    You know? That takes balls to suggest at the board meeting though. The Man was on his way to work, racking his brain for The Next Big Thing. He was being bombarded with news about the war, people begging for change on the street corners, and St. Jude’s annual telethon. But by God he marched in to his meeting with Tiffany’s and said “I’ve got it! A $165 sterling silver bubble wand!”

    So yeah. Amazing.

  13. Ashley

    If only that had been around 50 years ago.. Holly could have bought a sterling bubble wand, and Fred could have blown romantic bubbles at her while she sang “Moon River” on the fire escape.


  14. poptart

    oh the insanity!
    even more insane, there was a time when i was young and foolish and would have purchased the damn thing.
    i’ve lost those rose colored glasses.

  15. Erin

    I feel a little crazy (and more than a little spoiled) but I kinda agree with “(the other) Margaret” that it could be a great necklace. Very pretty and quite a conversation piece. All the same, its very existence is ridiculous.

  16. Maggie

    The bubbles never pop and they’re soft as freshly-bathed virgins. Also, they smell of passion fruit.

  17. Audra

    I’ll be sure to pick up one of those.

    And now, something not related to the topic – I’d like to say that I am enamored with your blog. I came across it when I found out about your book. You’ve inspired me to reinvent my little bloggy into something worth reading. Thank you.

  18. Ellen

    I know! I’ll buy them for wedding favors! And then the 150 people at our wedding can use them to blow bubbles gently as we exit the church…the sun glinting off (does math in head) about 25K worth of bubble blowers…mmmm. Now THAT’S a wedding.

    (dies laughing)

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  20. Lynn

    Ooh, I wonder if it comes with a sterling silver case lined with the finest silk. Something as precious such as this simply can’t just be left lying around!

  21. Florian

    I found your blog via google by accident and have to admit that youve a really interesting blog :-)
    Just saved your feed in my reader, have a nice day :)

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