Pregnancy Doesn’t Suck, Part 2

16th January 2007

For almost an entire year, you never once worry about sucking in your gut. Your gut is adorable! If you make any effort whatsoever to be presentable (say, applying lipstick and avoiding sweatpants) people exclaim over how you seem to be glowing. You’re adorable!

You fantasize about reclaiming your high-school figure once the baby is born. You can do this without a moment’s guilt for not heading straight to the gym. “In a few months, I will reclaim my high-school figure!” you think to yourself triumphantly.

You know what sounds good? Cookies.

45 thoughts on “Pregnancy Doesn’t Suck, Part 2

  1. Julie

    You can also eat as much as you damn well please without anyone thinking you’re a total glutton. Because “it’s for the baby.”

  2. Karen

    Go you! In a few years when you’re wondering again about that high school figure, check out Nivea Body Reshaping Treatment (available at my grocery store & Target). It’s like crack for your post-baby belly. :)

  3. pgoodness

    LOL! I miss being pregnant for this very reason!! And as I look down at my non-pregnant belly from 2nd son who is 16 months old, I wish, for the acceptance of belly ONLY that I were preg again!!!

  4. HDC

    I’m currently, uh, 82 weeks pregnant and I have my high school figure back. It’s just under this 20 extra pounds.

    Cookies? Don’t mind if I do.

  5. Beth

    I’m only freshly pregnant, and I’m already capitalizing on this. I had three cinnamon rolls for lunch today. But I’d just gone to the gym! And I’m pregnant!

    I’m starting to look forward to showing so people don’t just think I’m getting fat.

  6. Tired but happy

    Very true. I even found myself sticking out my belly when I wanted to get a seat on the bus or something.

    The other cool thing was that when I was pregnant my body was this superpower that wouldn’t let me do bad things to myself. If I tried to overeat, like even by one bite (you know when you’re full but there are four bites of that heavenly burrito left so you finish it even though you’re full?) then my body was like, “you can put that bite in your mouth if you must but you will be completely incapable of swallowing it”.

  7. lara

    my high school figure was homely and flat. i’m glad to be rid of it, personally. i’m all about the curves these days. mmmm… curvy-licious. :)

  8. Nancy

    I just had two spoonfuls of cookie dough and a glass of red wine. I’m pregnant with teenage boys! In high school I was not a D cup. Things would have been much different.

  9. Vikki

    High school, schmigh schmool. I’ll take my college figure. Of course, I have two kids now. There’s not a lot of time for all that exercise. I also have more money now so there is a lot less Ramen as Entree in my life.

  10. christine

    Oh yes — the from “fat girl to pregnant lady” change that happened (for me) at 12 weeks was the best. I’m 15 weeks now and am eager to get the the full blown “pop” of the belly stage!

    mmm cookies.

  11. Megling

    at 7 months I have been enjoying this very thing…and the early morning baths you mentioned earlier. Eating what I like and having everyone always glad to see me (who can hate a pregnant lady?)makes up for the heartburn and the random aches and pains…

  12. MsHuisHerself

    I’m 23 weeks, and so all about the-belly-can-stick-out! It is (well, besides the whole baby-at-the-end thing) my favorite thing about pregnancy!

    Almost even makes up for the no drinking.

  13. crzylady

    a year later and I have finally reclaimed my high school figure.. of course my high school figure will look nothing like yours and is still about 20 -50 (depending on which doctor you talk to) over weight.. but, hey, it is a small kind of accomplishment (watch out oreos I’m heading for that recumbant bike sometime this week…)

  14. jana

    Ha, HDC…82 weeks pregnant. Yeah, me too. I was really excited about the “get out of fat free” aspect of pregnancy too. But I popped really late, so any attempts to milk my big tummy for sympathy were usually met with confusion. “Why is that chubby girl rubbing her stomach? Maybe she’s hungry.” I’m pregnant, you nitwits! Oh, well.

  15. Megan

    I’ve never been pregnant, but I have the same refrain pass through my head all the time: “I’d be in great shape right now for someone who’d just had a baby.” It makes me feel better somehow.

  16. Ashly

    My figure’s better now (my kids are 10 and 8) then it ever was in High School. Here’s to kicking your high school figure’s ass! But give yourself a good year or so to do it.

  17. Sarah

    I have been trying to remember that “not sucking in gut” thing my entire pregnancy but keep forgetting. Then I start getting woozy, feel sick and remember – hey, I’M 7 MONTHS PREGNANT! I then allow my stomach to expand to it’s full capacity and for five whole minutes can breath again. But it never lasts. I need to hire a freaking therapist to keep this darn gut hanging out where it should be.

  18. Mrs. Wooden Nickels

    I was wondering when Pregnancy Doesn’t Suck Part 2 was coming. I was worrying that there was only one thing that didn’t suck! This week my husband informed me that I’ve started snoring. Good grief! I’m loving the belly too. (21 weeks along)

  19. Michele

    I LOVED being pregnant. People are always so enamored with pregnant woman. Everyone was always telling me how great I looked and yes … that I glowed. I knew they were lying most of the time but I really started to believe it : )

  20. ailikate

    Besides everyone thinking you look great and telling you all the time you look great (of course, I usually got “You’re huge! But, I mean you look great. Are you sure you’re not having twins?” there is also the “right-of-way” advantage. My babe is almost 8 weeks old and I’m still getting used to people not jumping immediately out of my way. Who could block a pregnant woman’s path? It might send her into premature labor. Seriously.

  21. Host to a Parasite

    Yes, why is it that I am eating so many cookies now that I am pregnant? Oh, and I really like those disgusting frozen burritos at the grocery store. So far, I have not had to worry about the belly since I am only 12 weeks and I have lost 10 lbs. I am hoping that I won’t need new clothes for at least another month. Then I will buy maternity clothes and my regular fat gut will be instantly transformed into The Miracle of Life.

  22. Minnie

    hahaha. i just ate an entire avacado and then thought, hmm maybe i shuld like workout.. naw, forget it, i’ll work out after the baby is born.

  23. Jen

    I LOVE not having to suck in my gut! It’s the one part of my body I’ve always been self-conscious about and now… I can enjoy the big-ness of it.

    Pregnancy isn’t all bad :)

  24. Carrie

    If you breastfeed like crazy, you really will get your high school figure back effortlessly. It worked for me the first time around. Now I’m 38 weeks, and no matter how much effort is involved, not wearing sweatpants rarely happens. Except when wearing pajama pants is happening.

  25. Meredith

    I too loved the tummy. It was beautiful, large, growing! I was the most stunning woman ever!

    It doesn’t work after the baby is born. Or 6 years later.

  26. karen

    My baby is ten days old. I adore him. But this gelatinous mass where the adorable tummy used to be? Cruel! Cruel! O adorable tummy, how I long for you!

  27. mamie

    i love this series and it sounds like you have only a few more weeks to go, so slip a couple more in before the babe is here. i was just thinking the other day (as i glanced at my exponentially increasing belly) gym? hmmmm, gym. this pregnancy thing is an unbelievable process, compounded by the fact that there are two flipping around in my belly. i wish i had room for cookies.

  28. JewJewBee

    The jelly belly is a bit odd, but I found that wearing form-fitting maternity pants as long as they would stay up helped a lot! I also wanted to give a glimmer of hope that losing baby weight is not always hard… I totally lost all my baby weight (and then some) by my 6 week appointment… Breastfeeding rocks! Granted, I soon lost so much weight that I had co-workers plotting to send me home with some casseroles… On the bright side, I was able to opt for higher calorie foods without any guilt! Best of luck with the rest of the pregnancy and then with that Mighty Cute Baby!

  29. mod*mom

    nice to meet you + your great blogs mighty*mom :)
    like jewjewbee commented, “breastfeeding rocks!”
    it melts the pounds of you + stimulates oxytocin t o shrink your uterus + abdomen back into place.
    enjoy your magazine reading + baths while you can!

  30. Amy

    Another cheer for breastfeeding! My baby’s 8 months old, I don’t exercise and I eat like a cow (an omniverous one that likes cookies)… and I am 20 pounds less than I was when I got pregnant. It’s like liposuction through my nipples.

  31. mihow

    You know, I just recently found out that I’m pregnant. Just hit 3 months this week and I need to remember to come here and read this type of post on every time I feel sick and terrified of what I’m about to go through.

    I know you’re almost done, Maggie. But could you kindly do as much of this as possible over the next couple of weeks?

    I’m scared.

  32. sparkles anon

    Hmm – could I somehow tap into the apparent awesomeness of breastfeeding without actually getting pregnant?

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