66 thoughts on “Baby Names Rejected as “Too Victorian”

  1. greta

    My husband and I have been joking about the name Consequence for ours (due in April). Similarly “Victorian”.

  2. Jen

    I am in LOVE with ‘Rampant Humility Mason.’ Although I do wonder what such a name would do to the kid’s self-esteem…

  3. Mau

    Lemme guess…

    You don’t want your child’s emails to be caught by his friends’ anti-spam tools!!!

    er… you are having a boy, right?

  4. You can call me, Sir

    If it’s a girl, slightly alter Lucretia and you could have Meta Secretia Mason. Mmmmmmmm, yes. Based on personal experience with baby leakage, it’ll be descriptive on many levels for a few years, as well as Victorian.

  5. Valeta

    I also love Lucidity. Mason is a great last name it seems like any name would go with it. Our last name is Brown and all the names I like sound silly with it. I am not due until August so I have time. Good luck with the naming thing.

  6. Lisa

    In helping our daughter research names and we LOVE Montana but think our grandson is going to be Damien or Tristan Xavier Jameson Smith (2 of my kids have 2 middle names). With Smith as a last name it needs to be a little different.

    Can’t believe you nixed all those wonderful names, tho. :) Walk through a cemetery – good spot to find names.

  7. jana

    My husband and I would joke about naming our progeny Cotton or Increase after the famous Mathers. These are so much better!

  8. Melanie - Holy Schmidt!

    I’d go with the bad Friend’s reference name. Like Regina Falange and Consuela Banana Hammock.

    Our friends told us that they wanted to name thier future child “Embry”. They had worked on this for months. Then my husband ruined it for them by saying, “You mean like embryo?”

  9. Rae

    I don’t know what you mean by “too victorian”. They all seem lovely to me. I especially like Ubiquitous as a middle name. Or how about Pernicious Olfactory Mason?

  10. Kate

    One of my favorite books, To Say Nothing of the Dog, has a string of Victorian daughters named after flowers. The oldest is something dull like Rose, but the the youngest is the hilarious Eglantine.

    Eglantine Woodbine Mason, should you ever have a wee girl.

    There’s also a Scottish stereotype of large extended Catholic families finally having so many Agneses in them that one gets called Senga (agnesbackwards) to keep them straight.

    Senga Ettedanreb Mason.

  11. smashinglady

    Hi Maggie,

    I’m delurking to say hi and tell you how much I love your blog! I wanted to know if you had any recommendation for pregnancy books?


  12. margieblystone

    We considered Ghengis Farquar… We thought he could later introduce himself by saying, “I’m here to pillage your village and do your taxes.”

    We went with Zachary instead.
    Happy Birth-Day to you both.

  13. Andree

    Melanie’s Friends comment is funny – a cousin of mine just named his baby “Holden” A perfectly cute name, but since we all watched Friends too much, we cannot refer to the baby without saying, “Holden McGroin” Thank goodness the baby lives in another state.

  14. Jill

    I don’t know, maybe you could just go with the name of a fruit. Or a vegetable! Asparagus Cauliflower Mason sounds pretty.

  15. Emily

    Such an undertaking, naming someone! My husband and I love the old classic or literary names, like Holden (mentioned above), Harry, Harriet, but with a last name of Johnson…..well, certainly complicates things.

    I do have a friend who in the haze of pain medication after a complicated delivery named her baby “Luminous Crystal Light”

  16. Coelecanth

    I have friends who named thier little girl Talula. Thank god it wasn’t a boy, they were seriously going to call him Huckleberry. Child abuse, I say.

  17. MarkDM

    Baby name rejected as too Queensryche:

    Silent Lucidity Mason

    Baby name rejected as too P.G. Wodehouse:

    Hortencia Cummerbund Mason

  18. MomVee

    Did you have Richard Scarry’s _What Do People Do All Day?_: “Jason the Mason built a foundation in the hole for the house to be built on.”

  19. Amy D.

    Justin Case Mason.

    Our friends just had a girl, Amelia, but I was rooting for a boy because they were going to call him Abraham. Lil’ Abe. How cute!

  20. alice

    My favorite actual name ever is my mom’s friend Laboria. LABORIA. Better yet, she’s a lesbian ex-nun.

  21. Bookratt

    I once knew a boy named Seven Aight. Pronounced 7,8.

    And I recently saw a name on a realty sign called Mess Uhrin. Yep, that would be mess urine. AKA, if you buy THIS house what a mess you’re in.

    My favorite, however, is the unabashedly comic book-y name of a friend’s son:

    Dex Lohr

    Could you name your son Paul?

    You shall name no son before his time.

  22. Erin

    Expected babies in my family often get called Ethelbert or Albertine before they arrive. Or Spike. That works when you don’t know what you’re having yet. I’d love to meet a real Ethelbert or Albertine.

  23. Jean

    Just PLEASE no Kaylee, Kylee, Hayley, Hadley, Katie, Rylee… Oh My F-ing God, the first grade this year is overrun with them. Even worse than the ubiquitous Matthews and Alexanders.

  24. crankybee

    Giselle Majella
    Celeste Saloma
    Isolda Miriam

    I am not kidding when I tell you these are the names of my three cousins. My brother calls them ‘the most overnames children in Australia’…

    My best friend in England was going to call her new son Sidney. Sid Hartley. The name of a man who has his own bar stool somewhere…

  25. Samantha

    We’ve got some names picked out for our future kids.

    Boy: Lincoln “Link” for short because my fiance is a huge Nintendo nerd and I also really like presidential names. Our cats are named Washington and Franklin. So we figured we needed to carry on the presidential feel with our future tots…

    Girl: Evelyn. No really funny jokes about it, I just like old fashioned names and Evie is a cute nickname.

    We are keeping the boy name a secret especially from his parents because they freaked out about us wanting to name our future daughter “Evelyn”. And it’s odd that they would spew at such a name because his mom suggests names like “Madison, Dakota, Jade, Ashley, Ashton” and overly trendy names such as those.

    Just name your kid Leta Jr. ;)

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