More Plantiness

12th January 2007

Someone in my Flickr comments reminded me that I meant to post a link to the tiny little terrariums created by Paula Hayes. Makes you wish you had a pair of tweezers, a pitcher of mojitos, and a free Saturday.

Also, lots of people are asking about the bromeliads, or tillandsia, or “plants that don’t need dirt.” If you’re one of them, you can get your very own be-tentacled plant at Paxton Gate, which is my very favorite nursery/entomology/art/taxidermy store in the city. You can stop by or order plants by calling or emailing them.

6 thoughts on “More Plantiness

  1. Leah

    Paxton Gate is also handy if you want to populate your terrariums with stuffed mice in coattails. Unless that’s too Victorian…

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