32 thoughts on “Enema Jewelry

  1. evany

    Wow. That’s oddly…inspiring, to be sharing this world with such a thing as a bronze and silver enema pin. And EARRINGS!!

  2. nan

    Maggie, you have this posted on the wrong site. It belongs on Mighty Goods.

    Just thought you should know.

    PS. I’m so getting this for every procologist I know.

  3. Vikki

    I’m a fan of the unusual but, well, this is just too unusual. My 5 year old would probably appreciate a bronzed butt but the enema bag would be too difficult to explain. Of course, I guess I could use it as a motivational tool to get him to eat more fiber.

  4. Birdy

    Because ya know I love a constant reminder of that peculiar feeling of an enema. Although it would make a cute decoration on a fishing hat.

  5. Julie

    Dear God Almighty. It’d be funny to wear one of these things and see how long it takes people to recognize what they are.

  6. AmethystGreye

    I like the touch of reality the cellulite under the left-hand thigh gives it. *rolls eyes and grins*

  7. Lisa

    It’s absolutely adorable, maybe adorable isn’t the proper word but I can see nurses everywhere wearing one now. And seeing it on the nurses lapel would make me feel so much more confident in his/her abilities!

    Somehow I can’t see it on my team of docs at Mayo. Although I think they’d get a laugh out of it anyway.

    Give new meaning when you tell someone to stick it up their. . . well you get the idea.

  8. jes

    I’m glad you explained that was an enema, because I couldn’t figure out why in the world someone had a tube between their breasts.

    I was all: “Ha! I get it! A boob tube!”

    (Get it? A boobtube?)

    Hee. Okay. Nevermind.

  9. gratefuldoula

    OMG there’s more… Deeper exploration of the site (no pun intended!) brings you to the “Colon of Joy,” which looks to me like a Colon of Pain, stretched out on seven metal spokes around an “Om” symbol. Huh?

    All was revealed in the blurb: the spokes are rays of light, and this shining colon “appeared to Ricky in a dream. There was a message attached: ‘Through thick and thin, OM shines through my colon of joy.'”

    And the penis pin/earrings, with mother-of-pearl “drip,” is too good to be true!

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