28 thoughts on “Pals

  1. Mau

    hehehe… The date is almost here!!!

    I think you and my wife have very similar due dates (mid February) =)

    Maggie will become the MightyMom!


  2. CrankMama

    You look awesome… but I want to know where you got that KICK ASS mat-dress.

    We had the most gifted wedding photographer and it was all b&w and I’ve never looked so good before or since.

  3. kim at allconsuming

    you know, this barn you talk of? is a mighty fine looking barn. I have 24 weeks to go and am already the size of a backyard shed. The carcass I will resemble closer to my due date is alarming to say the least.

  4. Nothing But Bonfires

    Oh, that dress! THAT BLACK DRESS! I would get pregnant RIGHT NOW just to wear that dress. Although I’m hoping it’s not a maternity dress so I don’t have to, because truthfully it might be just a wee bit inconvient at the mo. But pray tell, where is it from? Can I buy one too?

  5. Kristin

    You look great! Take lots of pictures because in a few years you’ll have a hard time remembering what you looked like pregnant and since you look so good, you’ll want to remember!

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  7. brunette babe

    You look fantastic! I was just thinking how *I* want a great group of blogging girlfriends – only problem, I want to keep my identity secret and that’s very difficult since the population of New Zealand is exactly 2. Sigh.

    Best wishes for the baby. How long to go now?

  8. Princess of the Universe

    omigod most people in my world look so tired and fat when they are that far along but you my dearie look hot hot hot. it’s not the dress, it’s not even the photogs, it’s you. keep the baby weight. but i’ll have to hate you. sorry to have missed the event, but i won’t miss the bigger event. not a chance! well, i mean the post event oogling. miss youse both.

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