Pregnancy Doesn’t Suck, Part 1

4th January 2007

Wake at 3 a.m. to realize that 3 a.m. is a ridiculous time to be asleep. Draw a bath, shed your nightgown, and soak weightless in the tub. Read the latest New Yorker from cover to cover in absolute silence.

Plug the overflow drain with a washcloth, so the warm water covers your belly and laps against the nape of your neck. When your toes get wrinkly, dry yourself off and turn on a dim light in the living room. Have a cup of tea and a small slice of rosemary cake. Fall asleep on the couch.

34 thoughts on “Pregnancy Doesn’t Suck, Part 1

  1. Karen

    Good practice for when you’ll be up at 3 am anyway. There are some great movies on then with subtitles for viewing without sound in case the baby actually falls asleep (or you do).

  2. (the other) Margaret

    The bath was my favorite place to relax during the last stages of my three pregnancies. Something about it made me feel like myself again, and the babies always seemed to wake up and move around in a magical way. I would just lie there weightless, watching the limbs bump and protrude, knowing that we were together and content. Thanks for bringing that memory back.

  3. melanie

    yup, sounds like the endgame to me! enjoy those soaks while you can!!

    long walks are balm for the soul, too. i took one right on the cusp of a huge thunderstorm two days before i went into labor. it was the difference between my staying sane and giving birth in the bughouse.

  4. Amy D.

    Now that’s divine! I looove your book, and I’m trying to figure out where I can wear the T-shirt (my MIL just loves it, heehee!). I’m so pleased to find that I’ve already done some of your suggested posts; it’s very nice to feel like I’m on the right track! And I think your autograph is actually the first one I’ve ever asked for and gotten ;-P. Take care, Maggie!

  5. john

    Our is more like this:
    3:00 AM – neighbor lets his dog out to relieve itself, & dog jumps our fence, letting himself in through the pet door to play with our dogs.
    3:02 – all cats scramble from the bed, leaving deep scratches on the human occupants.
    This is followed by 15 minutes of rambunctious doggie play time, after which my wife & I flip a coin to see who takes the dog back home!

    Your mid-night adventure sounds much more pleasant!

  6. Rayne

    I used to really enjoy hot baths before I got pregnant; so relaxing. I would take a soak several times a week. When I reached 8 months pregnant and could barely get out of the tub they stopped. I could barely even fit, I was so big and laying on my back was extremely painful. Hot baths became a thing of the past. I gave birth almost 3 months ago and still haven’t had another hot bath. Primary reason now is so little time. Your post reminded me just how much I enjoy them.

  7. crzylady

    sounds delicious. I lived in a house in which I did not have a bath while I was pregnant and instead dreaded even taking a shower in the cramped and dark shower. when I occassionaly felt the need to shave my legs we would grab a bowl of hot water, my hubby’s shaving cream, and towel an head out to the couch where he would shave my legs (one of the sweetest things did for me while pregnant). The morning I was induced (at 10 days over) I got to sit in a tub and it was heavenly even with contractions. On my bad nights I would wander out to the dark movie room and plug in long comfort movies like Pride & Prejudice or Harry Potter and pile the pillows and blankets unto the couch until I had a fort of my very own.

  8. Jen

    I’ll have to remember this for the next go-round because my pregnancy sucked due to Hyperemesis. A bath with a good magazine sounds like the perfect relaxation technique! Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!

  9. Meredith

    Maggie, your ability to delight in such simple pleasures is yet another sign that you will be a great mom!

  10. TBH

    Great story, Maggie.

    You know, it has never ever occurred to me to plug the overflow drain. Sometimes it scares me how likely I am to just follow the rules without thinking about it. I was in 5th grade before it dawned on me that I didn’t HAVE to do all my homework. It had never occurred to me not to do it.

  11. Karenna

    I really should follow your example, Maggie, since I’m now 11 days shy of an induction and started blogging again JUST to have an outlet for complaining. Thank you for finding a positive aspect without going the introspective Earth-Mother route “the weight of my body just made me feel all that closer to the pull of the Earth’s core,” yadayadayada.

  12. Elizabeth

    I just gave birth on the 22. . . but before that for the last 3 months, I would crawl out of bed at any hour of the night- and take a nice long hot bath. And then crawl back in. . . My husband was concerned the first few times I did it, but he got used to it. It is the best- I am glad to see that others partake

  13. Beks

    This was so beautifully written. I felt as though I were pregnant and enjoying some quiet time at night.

  14. paul

    Charming description almost makes me wish we men could get pregnant too! For a few seconds anyway…

  15. Jenn Bo

    Please, tell us more about this rosemary cake. It sounds devine.

    Online, I found a rosemary cake recipe published at I also found a delicious looking chocolate pound cake with rosemary syrup at

    I’m making the chocolate pound cake this weekend.

    I wish you a month of comfortable sleep…

  16. kimblahg

    all this time and i’ve never thought about stuffing the overflow drain so the water level would be higher? why didn’t you share this tidbit earlier? my pregnant belly was so cold and dry during my baths… good luck in the end of your pregnancy!

  17. shuna fish lydon

    rosemary cake?
    how about coming into aziza before baby comes so I can feed you rosemary caramel, farmer’s market apples, coriander chantilly and green apple ice?

    but might you say a bit more about the rosemary cake?

    although I must say it’s neck & neck with The New Yorker cover to cover!

  18. islaygirl

    that’s it!!!! i loved being awake in the middle of the night when i was pg. i stopped working at 5 mos, and those last few months of silence were a total gift.

  19. Anna

    I’m 34 weeks along now (I think we’re pretty close in due dates to one another) and it’s been a difficult time trying to sleep for me. However, I can’t beat seeing the little baby in there wiggle around. It’s pretty awesome. I could give away the pelvis pain, but the crazy wiggles rock.

    I love being able to sit quietly on the couch and knit while the baby wiggles, too. I’m enjoying the quiet while I can. I’m glad to see you are, too!

  20. amanda

    Nothing like those ephemeral third trimester moments of grace or blissful repose. You made me miss my belly…maybe soon.

    Happy days to you sweet mama.

  21. bekah

    Oh hon, I feel you. I’m also 8 months pregnant, and I can’t wait to have this baby. This morning as I was puking my guts up, I decided that having morning sickness for the entire length of my pregnancy must mean that my child is going to be the cutest, smartest, most perfect creature on EARTH because why else would I be suffering so?

    BTW, I use Press-n-Seal on the overflow drain plug to fill the bath tub up all the way. It works fabulously.

  22. james.delnort

    Congratulations! I think that’s wonderful that you’re going to have a little baby! I found your site today through purchasing NO ONE WANTS TO KNOW… Wonderful book. Thanks for sharing your blogging secrets with the masses. I totally got a kick at your shirt you have for sale “I f*ck like a girl”! HA! Since my blog is called “”, maybe I should wear your shirt around my gay neighborhod for kicks! Better yet- wear it to the burbs. Ha! I’ll be reading your blog, it looks wonderful.

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