3rd January 2007

There’s something so Karmicly satisfying about this story:

Oops! Unruly flier slaps undercover air marshal

In other news, my return of morning sickness turned out to be an extremely nasty but short-lived bug (food poisoning?). Never has recovering from a flu been a more blissful experience. Thank you all for your good wishes and commiserations. Edith Meyer even sent a delicious little rosemary cake! How lucky do you have to be to have people send you cake when you’re cranky? When does that ever happen? Also, her handwriting was so good that I almost ate the note too.

I’ve decided that I need to put together a little compendium of lovely things about being pregnant to balance my bitching. Forthcoming.

8 thoughts on “Pica

  1. Host to a Parasite

    So far, the only positives to being pregnant that I have encountered are that my husband does more things for me and sometime in August I will get a baby out of this.

  2. Shanghai Cowgirl

    I would just like to say that I for one would like to hear your compendium re: pregnancy. I have the feeling that you are probably one of the five women in North America who can describe their pregnancy without lecturing or advising. And still make it amusing.
    I was just expressing my disappointment to my husband recently that you haven’t written _more_ about your pregnancy.

  3. Amy D.

    bitching cleanses the soul! I am supposed to receive my last Xmas present tonight: your book and a T-shirt! Even though you didn’t buy it for me, THANKS!! I’m excited to get rolling with the better blogging ;-P

  4. Miss K

    Even with a lot of surprising and upsetting complications, I have enjoyed being pregnant. Love the kicks, the quiet, the sleeping. Please write more about your experience, too. Also, thanks for the shopping recommendations, I have made purchases through your site that I wouldn’t have otherwise found on my own.

  5. Caitlin

    I’m so jealous that Edith Meyer sent you a little cake! She made our wedding cake, and the cake tasting at her house was one of the best parts of our wedding planning!

  6. Julie

    I like your bitching, Maggie! If you were one of those women who went on and on about how joyous it is to have another human being living within your uterus, I think a lot fewer people would be reading your website.

    Hang in there!

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