20 thoughts on “Neither Have I Dental Barrettes

  1. Melanie - Holy Schmidt!

    Maggie, I was watching Oprah a few weeks back and saw an episode where this woman claimed that she had figured out the language of infants.

    You’re the only pregnant woman I know…You MUST try this and tell us if it works!


    Read the story and watch the video clips. She had women in the audience do it for 2 weeks and they all swear they know exactly what their baby needs.

    I feel like a hyper 12 year old!

    Let us know what you think.

  2. shauna

    Okay, I’ve been reading in anonymity for ages (although why, I don’t know). However, I must break my silence to say: if you buy those dental barettes and wear them in a photograph for us here, we would all stand up and cheer!

    My goodness, there was a mind at work, huh?

  3. J. Bo

    MAGGIE! When I heard you on the radio, I nearly drove off the road (screaming a la Denise) “I KNOW HER! Congratulations. Now that you’ve made it to NPR, can worldwide domination be far behind?

  4. Weeze

    I don’t even know you and I’m so proud of you. The only downside is that Everyone and His Brother is logging into mightygoods and damn it, I have some important shopping to do.

  5. bandick

    It made my day to hear you yesterday morning. My reaction was like J.Bo’s…I know her! Listen, everyone, my internet friend who doesn’t know I exist is on the radio!

    Great job.

    ps – Can’t get into Mighty Goods but would love to find that historical chart you mentioned.

  6. Reavolution

    You seriously should purchase those.

    I am so excited you were on NPR. I totally wanted that Rand McNally history map for my nerdy boyfriend, but they “sold out unexpectedly.” I don’t know if you saw that comment, but I knew it was because of you and sudden stardom!

    Keep it up! I love this blog and mighygoods!

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