15 thoughts on “Human Tigger

  1. MontanaJen

    This reminds me of a video with a similar sort of schtick going around last year – I want to say the guy was Russian or something, but I’m not sure. Anyhoo, he was jumping and leaping and crazying all over a pretty torn up city and it was amazing to watch.

    I’ll look for it…

  2. Jonathan

    The “urban gymnastics” are called “Parkour”. They guy that originally came up with it is in the latest Bond film “Casino Royale”.

  3. Vikki

    I must never allow my daredevil of a 5 year old to see this video. I don’t want my child jumping onto the neighbor’s roof.

  4. Krista

    If you dig this, you should check out the film “District B13.” It’s a French film from the director of “The Transporter” movies. Features a whole lot of action like the utube post; folks who do this are called Traceurs. Forgive me if I’ve spelled that wrong, my French is not so good. Did I mention the stars of this film are two of the most beautiful men I’ve ever seen? Rrrrrooowrr.

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  6. kbow

    My friend’s 17 year old son has two herniated discs in his lower back from doing that stuff. The symptoms were so unusual for someone so young they did an mri to rule out tumors. Yikes.

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