NPR Interview!

4th December 2006

I see from comments that many of you heard it, but Andrea Seabrook interviewed me on NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday. We talked about Mighty Goods and online holiday shopping, and I tried not to swallow my tongue.

Since then, traffic on Mighty Goods has been going mad. I’m greatly relieved that I didn’t think too much about how many people listen to NPR, because in retrospect in makes me a little queasy. It wasn’t a live interview, so they cut out all of my “hrms” and “ehhhrrrms,” making me sound like an utterly reasonable human being. Ah, the magic of radio.

Go listen!

26 thoughts on “NPR Interview!

  1. sigs

    Heard you on NPR – great job. I want to check out your web site but, cannot get into, being routed to HELP!!

  2. Barbara

    I’m trying to access your website Mighty Goods – enjoyed your interview on NPR – but there appears to be a glitch. Everytime I click you your site it says Not Found and takes me to something called which I don’t think has anything to do with you. Can you help?

  3. Maggie Post author

    I know, I know. I have no idea why that’s happening, and am most unhappy with our service provider. Try typing in the “www” before That seems to help.

  4. Barbara

    Tried the www but still getting the evil city by the sea…

    Actually, don’t know if they are evil. Just know they aren’t you.

  5. mary

    In the meantime, maybe you could supply us with a couple more website suggestions. I loved Etsy and Elswares. Thanks.

  6. Mau

    I tried RealAudio and didn’t work… =)

    Tried Windows Media opened via Quicktime with WM plugin on Mac worked smoothly… It took me a bit to figure out how to change the default audio though: (, then click on Streaming Audio Media)

    Congratulations on the interview. =)

  7. Sara

    I listened to the interview a few minutes ago, and can I just say that I think you have the cutest voice ever?

  8. Rachel

    Heard you on NPR. Actually I heard “monkeys” and thought wait a minute….I just saw that on MIGHTYGIRL! (or goods that is).

    Congrats….is it rude that i was a bit bummed…it’s like you’ll lose your indie cred…but f’ it!

  9. hefk

    Heard you and offer my congrats. As Sara mentioned, I enjoyed hearing your voice. When Andrea Seabrook was introducing you, I shouted to my husband, “oh my gosh! I read her daily!” You did a nice job.

  10. Jessica

    Way to go Maggie–

    “Due to an unexpected surge in orders, the Histomap is currently out of stock. Orders placed now will be put on back order for delivery after new stock arrives from Rand McNally, for delivery by approximately March 1, 2007.

    If you placed an order prior to 2:00 p.m. EST December 4, 2006, your order will either be shipped by December 11, or, if our stock ran out before your order was processed, you will be contacted by December 11.”

    Way to drive traffic!

  11. KurtRoedeger

    I heard the interview and loved it. My favorite part was where Andrea asks you about the snack size fryer. Your “Oooh Yeahhh” response sounded so “naughty” that I spit coffee all over my dashboard (luckily I was parked).


  12. Nina

    I’ve been hooked on Mighty Goods since the summer. Congrats on the NPR! By the way, you have such a soothing voice…you should do radio!

  13. Sean


    Long time reader, first time poster. I listen to NPR on the weekends every weekend. As I was cooking my eggs, I hear them talking about shopping blogs. I think – they should talk about Maggie and! and BAM – there you were. I literally burnt my toast as I stopped to listen. Great job, and keep up the good work. It is people like you, using the internet efficiently that I think are going to make the next online improvements happen.

  14. Sommar

    When I got your book I immediately flipped to the front to see the signature and thought “That is exactly what I thought Maggie’s handwriting would look like.” When I heard you on NPR I thought “That is exactly what I thought Maggie’s voice would sound like.” Congrats on the success!

  15. Sara

    I echo Emily’s comment above me — your voice totally matches your picture and personality. Loved the interview, and love MightyGoods too!

  16. patricia

    loved the boradcast..what was the history chart you sounds great! ps — my daughter’s name is Maggie — so nice to see another human with the name Maggie; we meet so many dogs!

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