24 thoughts on “Lessons for Mouth Breathers

  1. Scott

    “Even if you think she is…”

    I plan to be honest….

    It depends on what the definition of the word “is” is.

    “But, Honey! I have precedent with the former president”!

  2. rianalanceiswondering

    Yeah, right…

    When I was pregnant with my baby boy, I was extremely jealous with my friend who was pregnant with a baby girl. She looked pretty in pink while I looked…well…like a trash in my grayish dress.

    Is it true that a woman pregnant with a girl looks more beautiful than the one with a boy?

    Too bad, I have no chance yet to pregnant with a baby girl to prove it.

  3. Jonathan

    Not being able to have children myself, my perspective is perhaps somewhat distorted…

    Whenever I see somebody who is pregnant, I am reminded how incredible nature can be at times – that we have this ability to create a whole new person, and it’s “built in” :)

  4. Mau

    I don’t think it is just about ‘telling’ her…

    Moms-to-be have an unusual halo of happiness that is soooo contagious!

    Your bellies are the coolest bellies!!!

    Moms-to-be rock! Especially my wife. =)

  5. Bethiclaus

    Good advice.

    Unless your partner is me and I ask incessantly until you finally give in and say, “I’m sure you’ll bounce back.”

    And then I will hate you forever. You should have listened to the advice.

  6. seejanemom

    No, (4)Riana, there is no “Girl Glow”.

    Two boys and a portfolio of tearsheets for two national catalogs, I can pretty much say that with confidence. I’m in the “barely had a football belly” catagory, but I felt like a beluga whale.

    Preganant belly + Positive attitude = Beauty


  7. Beth

    As a woman who is 39 weeks pregnant at the moment, I must say…dishonest compliments are welcome at any time when it comes to appearance.

    It’s not going to matter after it’s all over anyway – no one is going to be looking at you – that precious ball of a baby you just delivered will be the center of attention all the while you are losing that pregnancy weight. And once you DO lose that weight – no one will notice.

  8. Katherine

    I of course do not subscribe to most wives tales. But the old wife tale is that a woman with a girl is “less” attractive as the girl steals her mothers beauty. Good gracious how awful is that thought.

    My thinking has always been that a pregnant woman looks as good as she feels. If she is happy and rested they look amazing.

  9. Scott

    …how a guy that needs it would find himself in a situation to use it.

    See “Everybody Loves Raymond”. Gah! The situations they write in for that poor guy…

    Any “read” guy not dragging his knuckles on the ground can avoid that. Raymond’s wife however, sometimes sets him up and that’s when I feel sorry for him.

  10. KC Ramirez

    Hi. The unborn daughter sucks up the hormones of the mom so, scientifically, baby-girl-moms-to-be tend to loose their glow.

  11. Mocha

    The best thing I ever read from a book on babies was about breastfeeding.

    I paraphrase:
    Remember, Dads, that after Mother gives birth and is lactating that sex is quite different since breasts cannot differentiate between baby and lover.

    It’s stayed with me for years. Good stuff to know.

  12. JewJewBee

    Ahh… Always fun to think about the possibility that your breasts will start spraying milk in hubby’s face right as you climax! Good times… Teeheehee…

  13. Matthew

    The sad truth is that most books written for expectant and new fathers are about on this level. “The weeks following the pregnancy will be trying on your wife, so help out around the house by washing a dish or two.

  14. Trasi

    My word, what man worth being married to thinks his pregnant wife ISN’T attractive, such that you’d have to tell him not to let that information be known? WTF.

  15. Lorraine

    OK, that got me laughing so hard a peed a little. “Also, telling her she’s pretty will keep her grandmother’s iron skillet from making a permanent dent in the side of your head”.

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