What You Wish For

8th November 2006

Lori is taking a Sunday adult-ballet class that she adores. Her teacher is a small, French/Japanese women with a soft voice and a thick accent.

Lori: When we put our arms above our heads she says, “Now open your hands, and let all the wishes of the world rain down upon you. Happy! Happy life!”

Me: Oh! I love that! It’s better than church.

Evany raises her arms above her head ballerina style, then furrows her brow and hunches her shoulders as though she’s carrying an immense burden.

Bryan: Man! Most of these wishes aren’t even mine!

Evany: All the world’s wishes are stressful.

Jeff: I don’t even want a pony!

9 thoughts on “What You Wish For

  1. KC Ramirez

    It’s my birthday today, and that’s just a perfect story to feel wonderful. Thanks! Maggie, you have fans here in Manila, the Philippines!

    (In case you’re a little clueless, we’re located southeast of China.)

    Thanks, again!

  2. Pipsqueak

    I think I heart French/Japanese Ballet Teacher. Then I heart you guys for taking it to the extreme and making me laugh.

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