Mighty Goods and Yahoo Shopping

6th November 2006

I know a lot of you read my shopping site Mighty Goods (and if you don’t you totally should, because you would like it), so I thought I’d mention that I’m now posting every day for Yahoo’s new shopping blog as well. Please go and have a look, as it is awesome. More good stuff for everyone!

41 thoughts on “Mighty Goods and Yahoo Shopping

  1. kelly

    I work as a copywriter at little tikes, and sent around the link to a bunch of folks who were thrilled to see one of our bouncers on your site, especially with such a great caption.

  2. Susan

    i ordered a shirt from you on nov 2, but i didn’t get an email confirmation . . . was i supposed to do something else too?

  3. Kizz

    I don’t know if you have input on formatting with the Yahoo people but I thought I’d register a thought about it. I read Mighty Goods pretty much every day and part of what I like is that all the information I need is right there in the initial blurb. I can decide if it’s a covet for me, right off the bat. The fact that the Yahoo site doesn’t have the pricing up front will keep me from “window shopping” there regularly because it’s a 2 step process (I assume, it might be more, I didn’t click through on anything) to find out if it’s even feasible for me to think about owning the item. But then again, maybe I’m just a cheapskate Capricorn and not having the price makes it easier for other people to dream. :)

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