14,039 thoughts on “Amsterdam Bikers Against Orange Backdrop

  1. amy.leblanc

    that was interesting!
    the first thing i noticed was that none of them have their right pant legs rolled up like we do here in the US to keep our cuffs from getting caught in the chain. oh….. they have CHAIN GUARDS, like smart people.

  2. Sisco

    Why am I not in Amsterdam dam dam? Why am I not you? Why is this not my post? Why? Why am I not those people riding bikes? I do have an orange background though, in this room. So.

  3. Coelecanth

    Ah, bikes as real transportation! Notice not a single Lance-wannabe road bike nor a single mountain bike that’ll never see a mountain. Nary a shred of lycra to be seen, and a great cross-section of people, fabulous.

    As someone who chooses a car-free lifestyle these photos do my heart good. Thanks.

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