The People, They Recieve Email

27th June 2006

One million years ago, NBC Nightly News spent a day following Bryan around while he talked about how much email he gets. In case you missed it, the answer is: a lot of email.

The crew arrived at our house just before 7 a.m., followed Bryan to work, returned home with us, and stayed until about 7:30 p.m. From that twelve and one half hours of footage, they pulled approximately 15 seconds of airtime which aired June 20. And what a glowingly handsome, stately 15 seconds it was.

The newscast offered handy tips for conquering your swollen inbox. Tips such as “Send less email” and “Use the telephone.” I could feel my productivity doubling just watching it.

Photos here.

187 thoughts on “The People, They Recieve Email

  1. Erin

    A company I used to work for sent weekly emails to every employee… reminding us to not send unnecessary email.

    Those cameras and booms and lights don’t look invasive at all.

  2. Mocha

    All of 15 seconds, eh? Still, I’d love to see it. Do you have a link where I can watch it?

    So, it’s really like: The NBC Crews, They Waste Tape

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