Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum

17th May 2006

On our way home from Argentina, we stayed for a few days in Austin. On the drive from the Dallas airport, we stopped at the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum in Waco. There we found:

• A blood-splatter simulation display.
• A collection of bugs that inhabit the human body as it begins to decompose.
• A safe full of valuables that contains a beauty pageant tiara.

There were also enough guns to outfit a large militia, and endless photos of white men in hats. While we were there, a man’s cell phone rang, and before he picked up, I recognized his ringer as “God Bless America.” I love you, Texas.

705 thoughts on “Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum

  1. mrs. cpa

    Honestly, I thought you were referring to the Texas Rangers baseball team. I couldn’t figure out for the life of me why they would have blood spatter patterns, guns and safes at a baseball hall of fame unless the team and retired players are just a bunch of criminals – entirely possible. Then I saw the badge – there is a large red spot on my forehead where I smacked myself for being dumb.

  2. jes

    When I first went to that museum, I thought it was going to be on the Texas Rangers baseball team. Not the police-guys.

    Also, if you’re ever in the area again, try the Dr. Pepper museum. One hundred times more interesting.

  3. particleman

    That’s BFE Texas for ya. You should try Bastrop next – their newest claim to fame is an overpass. Take 71 east out of Austin, and don’t blink.

  4. Patricia

    That definitely is a Texas thing. Only they will find such stuff interesting. I have had my share of Texans and all of them have been equally wierd. Fun but wierd. Actually, you come to love that about them after you have spend enough time with them.

  5. Lisa

    Dammit! You were so close to me and I didn’t even get to stalk you. Hey, did go to West Texas and have kolaches at the Czech Stop? They are little hot greasy handfuls of heaven. Sortof.

  6. Libby

    The funny thing is that is only one tiny facet of Texas culture. We are so much more than Texas Rangers and patriotism.

    Now the part about Texas Pride? That is all true.

    BTW, Czech Stop rocks!

  7. embachick

    Hey now…I’m a Texan, and find nothing remotely interesting about blood spatter patterns. Or Texas Rangers (either kind). But I’m a Fort Worthian…another type of Texan altogether,

  8. Amy

    “But I’m a Fort Worthian…another type of Texan altogether,”

    Hahahaha.. so true. I’m a Ft Worthian as well. :)

    Come on back, Maggie – and visit Fort Worth. We’ve got cows! And longhorns! And bulls! And emus, even! ;)

  9. jes

    Yes, Maggie, if you do come back, go to Fort Worth. DON’T COME TO DALLAS.

    Not that we don’t want you, because we do, BUT DALLAS SUCKS. I can say that because I live here.

  10. dunsany

    Glad you liked Texas. It is killing me by inches. In less than 24 hours I will be snuggly back in my wet blanket of Seattle. Ah sweet soggy home.

  11. Anna

    Oh dear! A sure sign i must have watched too much CSI – i started wondering what might have happened to cause the blood splatter on the right.
    Take my tv away now.

  12. emily

    Once my daddy (a lifelong Texan) told me he thought he had been a 1880’s era Texas Ranger in another life. I think he liked the hat.

  13. David Paul Torres

    I think there is a museum on the outskirts of Dallas with the actual car Bonnie and Clyde died in. I lived in Texas in the 80’s and was in Dallas on vacation. I think it is in a wax museum there.

  14. Carol

    And Texas loves you, too, Maggie. You should have gone south on 45 to Huntsville and toured the Texas Dept. of Corrections Museum. Talk about uplifting! A Museum! For a Prison System! In Texas!

  15. embachick

    Wow. Next time, really, go to Fort Worth and check out the Modern. So much more satisfying than a bunch of blood spatters.

  16. rascoagogo

    Austin loves you, Maggie, and we’re sorry it’s about ten degrees hotter than usual. I’m a lifelong, 7th generation Texan (yeah, there’s that pride) and native Austinite (rare breed!) who has never been to the Ranger Museum in Waco. I even had friends that went to Baylor and had to live there (ew).

    Too much CSI is making the museum a necessary stop next time I have to go north. And the CzechStop because I had forgotten about kolaches, and now I really want one.

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